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Synthroid .112, I realized the other day that I haven't taken any decent pics of Rory since he got his new faceup in... November, 10mg Synthroid .112. Synthroid .112 india, I tried to take a few nice shots, but he's so unphotogenic.., Synthroid .112 paypal. 20mg Synthroid .112, I think it's his nose. Most ankles it just looks strange and not cute, 40mg Synthroid .112. In person, Rory is the most beautiful doll...

Here's the only good pic I got:
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One thought on “Synthroid .112

  1. Looking at pics I have on my blog, you probably think I’m the last person to give photography tips, but I did take two classes and had taken pics for labs that these tips worked really well for.

    Are you using reflectors when taking pics? Actually, I don’t think reflector is the right name, but basically you hold a reflective piece of paper or coated fabric at an angle to throw the reflected light back onto the face to lessen shadows that can make features look more pronounced than what they really are. You can use plain white paper for white reflected light or colored paper or even foil-coated paper, like the shiny origami paper, to create soft, reflected, colored light.

    I occasionally get useless, highly overpriced photography supplies catalogs ~ thanks so much to the company I bough my camera from! But I did see a very interesting piece of equipment. It looked like half a bangle bracelet on a tripod and was meant to reflect light into the eyes to give them depth. Maybe making the foil-coated paper into a concave shape could be used to do the same thing?