Tetracycline Powder

Tetracycline Powder, Gotta send out update photos tonight. Got a lot done. Yay.

Also modded Mac last night, 200mg Tetracycline Powder. The results are very pleasing. After I finish paint him tonight, I'll post some pics, Tetracycline Powder. I'm excited about it. Tetracycline Powder uk, I think Heath looks much better with a wide mouth and less protrusive lips.

I also finished the rough joints on the CF. So now all I need is esthetics on the pieces. Tetracycline Powder, I'll make a CF entry later too, I think. I'd really like to get her put together this week, Tetracycline Powder japan. I FINALLY opened her other eye, but unfortunately I opened it too far. Tetracycline Powder coupon, Stupid freaking thin resin. -_- Epoxyyyyyyyyy.

Orgasmic Shiwoo continues. Hurrah, 50mg Tetracycline Powder, avatar update:


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5 thoughts on “Tetracycline Powder

  1. O-face Shiwoo is looking good! How much detailing are you planning to put inside the mouth? I’d like to see his lips a bit more filled out (personal preference) though I suppose the opening of the mouth would stretch/thin them a fair bit… just from looking at myself in the mirror.

    And Mac!! Can’t wait to see pictures of this — Hitasura did a similar mod to her Quay, so it will be interesting to see how different they are.

  2. The inside of his mouth is pretty detailed. Well, in that he has a tongue and teeth. Maybe that’s not so detailed, as I haven’t given him molars. I want to make Knife’s lips fuller too, but when I look in the mirror and open my mouth, I see that my lips are stretched a bit. I can only hope that when he’s finished the faceup will help! I’ll send you some pics so you can see what he looks like at the moment.

    This mod makes me feel so stupid because every once and while I have to go and make orgasmic faces at myself in the mirror so I can see how the facial muscles should move. I usually start giggling and totally lose whatever face I was trying to make anyway.

  3. If I remember correctly the lips do become flush and plumper from extra blood flowing during, errrr, such times. I think I saw it on a National Geographic or Discovery channel show or read about it for a college class. Not really something I want to google …. who knows what I’d find! 0_0