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Prozac Interaction, My CH body came today - it's a nice little body. I like it. It's a smaller girl body... Prozac Interaction coupon, but it's very pretty and slim. Very fairy-like. Looking at it, there are numerous things on it that I plan to mod, Prozac Interaction. I hope to do some fun poseability mods with this one. It'll go with the Unoss head I'm working on, 50mg Prozac Interaction. I have a few ideas, still... Prozac Interaction craiglist, but I don't know which one I want to go with. Prozac Interaction, After I get the head a little more done, I might post pics and ask for suggestions on how to continue. But that's a bit off since I still am winding down on some projects.

I'll write a nice review of it soonish.

To do this weekend:
~Bevel Elf Yder's eyes
~Bevel Breakaway's eyes
~Sand Estella
~Send pics of the above to their respective owners Correction: Sent email to Therese, Prozac Interaction canada, DoA won't load to PM others. Grrr.
~Sculpt on Lion's other ear
~Refine Lion's ears
~Send pics to owner
~Finish thickening Frank's neck. The "umbrella" stage is not pretty.
~Finish F-5 mod
~Buy more Milliput* Correction: Order more Milliput, Prozac Interaction. 750mg Prozac Interaction, They're out of stock. 7-10 days... so I got hit on by the guy at the hobby shop and was late meeting Michelle for nothing. Argh.
~Buy some fun work clothes!
~Make Knife's collar
~Buy cannoli.
~Tattoo Archive.

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