Erythromycin Renal Adjustment

Erythromycin Renal Adjustment, Well, the first masters are done!   I ordered silicone, so I will be able to make the junk molds and do the junk cast.


She's got faults, Erythromycin Renal Adjustment uk, but I think it's a good time to go into resin.  I'll be refining the resin cast, then using that as my final master which I will use to make my final molds.  Neeeeeat.

The main areas where I intend to work are:

1, 50mg Erythromycin Renal Adjustment. Her butt needs a lot of work and I have no problem saying it.  The glutes don't wrap correctly and she has a serious badonkbadonk butt.  Once I have a resin cast to work with, 10mg Erythromycin Renal Adjustment, I'll take it down and reshape some areas.

2. Her forearms need to taper more.  I'm not sure if it's possible, though with the thickness of the stringing channels.  I'll do my best though, Erythromycin Renal Adjustment.

3, Erythromycin Renal Adjustment us. The hands need a lot more sanding. Erythromycin Renal Adjustment ebay, 4. The knees need more transition in the jointing to make them tidier.  Locks might be nice, but I need to see how she poses when I'm able to string her.

5. The wrists don't do it for me.

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3 thoughts on “Erythromycin Renal Adjustment

  1. Oh, my! She is adorable!! And, for the record, I like her butt. (It’s very cute.)

    But then, I seriously loveloveloved the throw-away head (the one that was wrong scale).