Acute Prozac Intoxication

Acute Prozac Intoxication, Well, this only shows the progress of the first two days.

Claying in is slow-going for me. I'm probably going way too complex for junk molds, but I'm sort of viewing them as a dry run for the final molds... and I want to improve my general knowledge of mold-making (and challenge some of my perceptions) as I go by trying to reason through breaking up the pieces. 100mg Acute Prozac Intoxication, In the past, I think I've been sort of locked into a mindset where I didn't diverge from splitting evenly in straight lines... when in reality, you can have your mold halves meet however you want, Acute Prozac Intoxication. I know this is common knowledge (and common sense), but I guess I never thought about it. If I keep going the way I've started, my mold pieces are going be much more topographical, 1000mg Acute Prozac Intoxication.

Already I see ways I could have clayed in better on the upper torso (I should have basically flipped it over so that the back was on the same piece as the core nub), but I'm just going to go forward because it's a junk mold.

I see other things I want to amend on Inkling... Acute Prozac Intoxication, but to put it mildly, I'm running out of steam on her so I'm not sure how many major revisions I have in me. I'm having trouble focusing on her because I already have other projects crowding in to my thoughts. 30mg Acute Prozac Intoxication, (Including some static, non-doll sculpture that I want to do).

I hope to finish claying in by the weekend, but I am still really busy with commissions. I'm working on the molds for about maximum of an hour a night... I just have no time, Acute Prozac Intoxication. The silicone arrived today so I'm dying a little wanting to get the molding done to pour, 20mg Acute Prozac Intoxication.

I've been working on the faceup video steadily... and some of the sections are filmed with my new camera. It... um... 750mg Acute Prozac Intoxication, makes the stuff I shot with the old camera look like crap.  Graaaaaaah.  This project is so frustrating!  The other videos I've done came so much easier... but then, I guess those were different because I was basically just painting a head and then cutting it up and adding subtitles.  By comparison, this is me doing a bunch of separate things specifically to illustrate.  Time consuming... and I suck with actually pointing the camera at the right area before I go.

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