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Inkling Updates:

  1. Flagyl 500 Candidose, I'm going to be moving posts about her to a different blog... I imagine people are getting sick of the fact that she's all I post about.  Besides, I want one where I can have a shop plugin if I end up doing regular sales.

  2. I think I've got her torso and thighs ready for molding.., Flagyl 500 Candidose paypal. I just coated her with primer again and will check on her soon to see if there's anything else to fix.  I hope to get her torso, Flagyl 500 Candidose overseas, legs, and feet mostly done tonight.

  3. I made another faceplate.  I'm going to call it the AMF faceplate.  Preorder-ers get another faceplate!   I really like the expression so far, but it needs some more sanding.  The headback and faceplates need more work to fit together perfectly.  I guess I'm working on that tonight too.

  4. I modified her torso a little bit so she has locks for both bending forward and arching back.  She stands really solidly now, 30mg Flagyl 500 Candidose, too.  I am pleased. Flagyl 500 Candidose uk, :)  She can pose pretty expressively.

  5. I haven't taken measurements yet and won't until I have a final cast as there will be some small shrinkage.  I believe she'll be a size 3 wig like Banji (though she can probably wear 3-4 like a puki).... I am planning to order from Dollmore soon and will probably get a Banji wig to test out.   She wears Dollfie shoes, which are the same as Blythe.  Soooo at least there will be many shoe options, Flagyl 500 Candidose mexico. :)

Pics of the day - Inkling in Volks Who's That Girl. shoes for 27cm.




They strike me as a little fetishy.  Like Silent Hill fetishy.

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