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Cipro Powered By Vbulletin, Well, I'm going to have to sell Fugabella. The repairs will probably total around $600. The $300 I paid today for the initial problem would have been doable, 250mg Cipro Powered By Vbulletin, but unfortunately, Cipro Powered By Vbulletin japan, the tie rods both need to be replaced. At about $100 each, then about $60 for a re-allignment, 500mg Cipro Powered By Vbulletin.

I'm distressed, 1000mg Cipro Powered By Vbulletin, but I fortunately haven't had her long enough to really bond... and she's the most recent in, so she'll be the first out, Cipro Powered By Vbulletin craiglist.


I'll update this with her sale information.

EDIT: Here she is on feebay.

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4 thoughts on “Cipro Powered By Vbulletin

  1. Cars are so much more trouble than they are worth sometimes. But I also don’t trust mechanics, they will likely make up stuff to make you pay more $$.

    If you do go looking for that elusive boyfriend, make sure one of the criteria is mechanical skills or an interest in motor vehicles that pertains to fixing them. That way you both have hobbies that can cost a bit, and you have someone who can fix your car for the price of parts that he (or she?) gets off eBay.

  2. I’m so sorry that you have to sell Fug…If I can help out with anything, please let me know. *hugs* Good luck!

  3. Try to spell out “mini super dollfie” in the title……Fug isn’t appearing in either bjd searches that I have saved.
    Incorrectly, of course, most people still search “dollfie” to get bjd’s.
    I hate your car, like personally hate it for being such a turd.