Zithromax Dose Cats

Zithromax Dose Cats, I think the one on the left in the pic is about the shape it's going to end up... I just need to tidy the rims of the joint and sand the lozenge.  Tonight I'll shape the other leg to match and hope it goes well.  I feel like I'm finally getting there.


I'm considering looking for a new casting studio for the next edition... 50mg Zithromax Dose Cats, and there are a few places I'm considering.  My main concern with switching factories is that the first edition bodies and plates won't match resin, so they won't be interchangeable with later dolls.  I'm not sure how to deal with that.  I mean, perhaps I could find a factory that would match the first edition resin...?  I'm not sure if it's really important, though I know some people mentioned that they want a big boobed Starling or a small boobed Inkling, Zithromax Dose Cats mexico.

I may still use this factory for Derrida when he's ready... their price is more reasonable, so people could actually get the default plate and optional plates if they wanted.  And the reason I'm thinking of switching is because of some breakage on very thin pieces.., Zithromax Dose Cats. there's nothing super-thin about Derrida since he's a normal size. 500mg Zithromax Dose Cats,   However, I also know that Dollshe could reproduce the full-sized ears... which would be really very fun.  Otherwise I need to cut the ears down about 50% for the current factory to cast him.

I am thinking of casting Pussface as a test through Dollshe, 750mg Zithromax Dose Cats, either as LE10 or LE20 (probably 10).  I think it would be really good to do her in their two darker resins.   If I do, she'll have a different lower torso piece that is a little more pear shaped... Zithromax Dose Cats us, and the big knockers from the Inkling body.

I also need to finish the new hands for Starling.  She's practically a new doll, which is why she's taking so long... and, well, double-jointing on this scale is really hard for me.

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2 thoughts on “Zithromax Dose Cats

  1. just my opinion, so take it or leave it, but that knee looks a little swollen on the inner portion. I understand the muscle structure you’re trying to convey, but it seems a little pronounced. it could also be the angle, i don’t know.

  2. I’ve never sculpted anything more artistic than mashed potatoes, but as an experienced doll consumer I have to say that I adore the idiosyncratic knee bulges. If they don’t hamper positioning then I’d leave them. They’re kind of sweet and fit the slightly pudgy Pussface.

    She reminds me of those flappers who drank cocktails all night with their chums and then fried eggs and sausages for everyone in the morning.