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Posted to her Facebook wall a few days ago by one of her friends:

Can Cipro Treat Std, I received an e mail last night from Nefer. I am allowed to say publicly that a. She closed her website (blog) because she was receiving hate mail and disgusting comments from people who didn't even know her. 100mg Can Cipro Treat Std, b. She is not logged on to Facebook any more, if anything does show up it is Arnaud who has decided to play on the computer.
Dust of Dolls has won this battle - it is not worth dwelling on it, but, as Paulette just said - she will be back, Can Cipro Treat Std.
My own opinion is that if an Artist has to go through this, 750mg Can Cipro Treat Std, whoever wins, the whole thing becomes sullied and dirty. Can Cipro Treat Std coupon, Move on and make something new. This, I believe, is exactly what she is doing, Can Cipro Treat Std australia. She has to do it in solitary though, which explains the withdrawal. Can Cipro Treat Std mexico, She is stronger than she looks - watch out for the next stage in the saga of Nefer Kane!

I am a bit heartbroken over this.  Wow, poor Nefer.

What does this mean for other doll artists?  Could anyone prevent any of us from earning a living at a creative art just because they don't want competition?  That's really concerning.  Like, REALLY CONCERNING.  What the fuck.

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3 thoughts on “Can Cipro Treat Std

  1. People can be very hurtful attacking people they don’t even know over situations they don’t fully understand. I feel very bad for her.

  2. I don’t think this would fly in the states… look at how much of a hassle Mattel and the Bratz had. the only leg they had to stand on was “Well the creator used to work for us and mayyyyybe developed stuff while he still worked for us.” that crap went on for several years and in the end it was over turned in Bratz favor.

    I think, like someone else pointed out, the judge may not have known the width and breadth of BJD designs. I mean… All the french artists seem to use the same large hipped designs. I don’t understand why DoD went after Nefer and no them, other than THEY were sculpting before she was.

    I feel like this is really petty on DoD’s part. But then I feel like we’re not aware of the full story here. Not that I think Nefer is leaving stuff out… it’s just I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.