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Celebrity Synthroid, Note: This is me bitching. Just me, not me-as-a-moderator (and FYI, Moderator!Armeleia only exists on DoA).

Having read a translation of DZ's legal letter, I'm not inclined to trust them. They seem to be arguing the validity of their dolls based on the fact that Volks doesn't own a patent in Japan, rather than because their sculpt is original. That alone makes me wary.

Then there's the 1:3 dolls themselves, Celebrity Synthroid. Sorry, 250mg Celebrity Synthroid, that's the same body, just tweaked. A person who was capable of sculpting pieces with that level of detail would have been able to make a doll that was in proportion with itself - the arms are simply too short for a body of that size... and coincidentally, the same length as the Volks SD16 arms. Looking at it, I feel that the body is a kitbash of existing pieces and original pieces. Celebrity Synthroid, And yes, even if a court didn't decide in Volks' favor I would still believe that. You can call me an elitist till your fingers fall off, 150mg Celebrity Synthroid, but I could have made that DZ body if you lent me $200 and a Yukinojo.

It's interesting how it's become an issue of income, as well. Having comparatively cheap 70cm dolls become available has been an interesting insight into the mentality of the New Doll Collector. "You just don't like them because they're cheaper. If they hadn't been copying Volks, you wouldn't care!" Uh, no, Celebrity Synthroid. I was pissed when they copied that Woori too. I view my dolls as art. I don't think art should be copied like that. But sadly, dolls aren't really about the art, 10mg Celebrity Synthroid, anymore. Celebrity Synthroid, I really do think that BJDs have really bloomed into a "fad" now. People just desperately want to be part of the community so that they can vomit their other interests onto their doll and then foist them upon the masses (who are busily doing the same thing and largely don't even notice them).
The marketplace on DoA has been pretty stagnant, too. I think it's due to several things. First, it's gotten so easy to buy dolls that there's almost no resale on them.... basically, it's gotten to the point where you can't even include what you paid for shipping in the cost of the doll, Celebrity Synthroid. Because then, Celebrity Synthroid paypal, why not just buy a new one directly from the company. The marketplace has also gotten more dishonest, so people are really more comfortable just buying from the company rather than taking a chance on a stranger. In theory, it's a GREAT time to buy... but the fact is that the sellers aren't willing to lower their prices to a point where the doll would actually be a good deal (based on the factors mentioned before). Celebrity Synthroid, So the same dolls just sit on the marketplace, getting bumped over and over by their sellers.

I think that the BJD hobby is being wrecked by a number of things... oversaturation, fashion doll collectors, Angsty!Victim yaoi girls, 1000mg Celebrity Synthroid, and the appearance of a "cheap imitation."
I sort of feel that the hobby peaked around March 2005.

I miss when the doll community used to be more about the dolls and less about the drama and "fandom." I don't want to be part of a "fandom." I want to be enjoying a hobby with other people who share and enjoy a hobby. I want too be part of a hobby where people aren't afraid to post the cool shit they've been working on out of fear of copycats or snark. I miss when the threads were actually about dolls, rather than RP/novel/"original manga" characters or the endless profusion of threads about how much your family/boyfriend/coworkers hate your doll and want to break it. GD has become somewhat painful.


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8 thoughts on “Celebrity Synthroid

  1. I am SICK of the damn meme-questions! Isn’t everyone else? You’re right, the hobby is oversaturated. In the doll world, it’s become “mainstream”.

  2. I agree with Nikita, those meme questions are annoying. I know I can just not answer them and I don’t, but still.

    And I agree with you too. It is just my opinion, but I don’t think the sculpts on the DZ & SD16 look very similar, but then I am not a sculptor like you. I honestly do not believe they recast the SD16. But, I also think there seem to be a couple of definitions of ‘copy’ in play, one meaning ‘recast and modified’ and one meaning ‘based too closely on…’ To me, it looks as if they put an SD16 in front of a sculptor and told them to make something like that, with a few differences.

    I think actually someone could do a recast and modify it into something quite original, like Ashbet’s Mau. (Though actually I am not saying she recast, only that Mau’s base was another head iirc). Or someone could make a doll from scratch and have it still be suspiciously derivative, which I think is the case with DZ.

    I don’t know if things were better before. I found it annoying when people added shipping charges to the doll price. One thing that has changed for me is that before I was really interested in interacting with new doll owners, but now I really just want to deal with people I know already. Selling a doll on DoA seems impersonal like Ebay, and it didn’t used to be like that before. When a community gets very big, you lose the feeling that bonded everyone together.

    I’ve been collecting dolls for over 20 years, so it seems strange to suddenly say I am part of a fandom. The fandom will come and go and I will still be collecting dolls.

  3. its become a little too much at times
    yet everytime i get a little sick of the hobby, i meet a newbie [like complete newbie] that turns my head around again.

  4. I feel bad for people who do not do their research. It’s so easy now to get to check out Volks and other brands in person. Some small companies may copy the look of a doll but not the engineering of a doll. The resin and the mechanics are just as important to the joy of posing and playing with these dolls.

    A big part of this hobby for me is socializing …whether online or off.

    Meeting people in person and just playing or talking dolls is just plain fun.

  5. Well… I’m glad I read this. It certainly gives me a new perspective on the doll community.

    I’m a newbie to it, to be honest; and I hesitate to agree that people new to the doll art are all responsible.

    Rather, I believe it would be the amount of people; the more people a hobby reaches, the higher the chances that some of those people would be of questionable character, or little artistic inspiration. It’s something that happens with every hobby; from dog showing to diorama building to.. hell, stamp collecting, I guess.

    The bottom line is wether or not what you’re doing makes you happy enough to keep doing it.

    :D I love dolls. And I understand that bad things are bound to happen; it’s just a matter of throwing your support where you believe it should be, being civil, and hoping for the best.

  6. What’s peeves me off is when fashion doll collectors try too hard to make their dolls “Anime”/gothic lolita/[insert obscure Japanese culture reference here] style.

    There is a woman on a fashion doll board spamming images of her new doll with “Manga hair” as she calls it, as well as her angsty photostories. Maybe that’s how they think the concensus of the BJD community acts. It’s a tough act to sell; Especially when their curios are bursting with Bob Mackie Barbie dolls. Makes me question her sincerity.

  7. I miss when the doll community used to be more about the dolls and less about the drama and “fandom.” I don’t want to be part of a “fandom.” I want to be enjoying a hobby with other people who share and enjoy a hobby. I want too be part of a hobby where people aren’t afraid to post the cool shit they’ve been working on out of fear of copycats or snark. I miss when the threads were actually about dolls, rather than RP/novel/”original manga” characters

    You said it.

    I used to actually recognize people on forums; recognize the owners, recognize the dolls. Now all of that is buried because the smart ones have already fled the “fandom” scene and gone on to enjoy their hobby in their own personal ways. Every day, what’s left is getting less and less interesting. It’s becoming a burden, almost, to be part of a forum like Den of Angels, like the overpopulation of the place – and the hobby in general – is just sucking the fun out of it.

    And don’t even get me started on DollZone. That we have to scrutinize their sculpts at all – if this inch of resin precisely matches X Company’s inch of resin – sends up warning flags to me. Every other company has proven capable of producing dolls that are almost instantly recognizable (especially in body sculpt), so when we have to stop and so closely examine DZ’s work, that seems like enough proof right there. There shouldn’t have to be any question about it; their heads seem original enough and can be easily identified as DZ, so why can’t the bodies? It’s just a ridiculous situation all around.

  8. Now that this entry has sort of gotten old I feel safer to post here… It’s insane that I can read this and look at the date and think, oh, I don’t want to post yet. It’s too fresh; too many people will see my opinion and decide to skewer me for it.

    Dollzone are blatant rip-offs of CP and Volks. Possibly a little Souldoll and CH in there, but nothing that I’ve really noticed so far. You can look at their dolls and figure out which parts are from what other dolls. Like how the old hands on their bodies were from MSDs and the new ones are from SD13.

    It’s not only unbelieveable that they can get away with it, it’s insane that people very vocally jump all over companies like Mythdoll (whose sculpts are actually original, imho) and then just quietly dislike companies like Dollzone. Why the quiet? Why not be loud? Why allow it?

    But it’s like you said, It’s not about the dolls as ART anymore. It’s all about the e-wang, how cool you are and how many comments you get. That in and of itself is just depressing.