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Hydroquinone And Retin A, About a month ago, I decided that I was largely finished with DoA.  It's a decision that's been months in the making as I've had a harder and harder time coping with various personal issues;  it's been a long time since I've had the energy or the thick skin needed to properly admin the forum.  It's been an even longer time since I actually enjoyed it.

I'll also admit that I've had a really hard time with the community itself.  For years I've been telling myself that it's only a small, vocal group of really entitled people who make it seem like the forum is full of rain clouds. Kind of like how a tiny toothache can make your whole world seem bleak. However, as I've watched some of my favorite members leave, 40mg Hydroquinone And Retin A, watched mods get burned out by member interactions and quit, and watched the growing acceptance for things that just aren't good, I feel more like we're headed for an Old Testament-level flood.  The mod hate is frustrating and the general toxicity of thousands of people screaming "I, me, mine!" makes it easy to walk away.

It's just no longer the hobby and community that I fell in love with in 2002.

I'm not leaving the hobby.  I still love my dolls, though I have been and will continue to be downsizing the collection (if you've ever wanted any of my dolls, be watching, I guess).  I'm hoping that taking a different role in the hobby will allow me to enjoy it all again.  I still love and value the friends I've made, even if personal issues have hindered me in being a very good friend for the last six or eight months.  I'm not mad at any of you, even if I haven't kept up on communication, Hydroquinone And Retin A.

Anyway, Hydroquinone And Retin A usa,with regard to DoA itself, I'll be phasing myself fully out of moderation within a few months.  After that, I'll remain the owner and business person to keep the bills paid and the site live, but otherwise I won't have much to do with the moderation of the site itself.

As a parting request, Hydroquinone And Retin A ebay, I'd ask that everyone just show the remaining staff a lot of love, or at least have some grudging respect. People just assume that "DoA will always be there," but you'll never know how close we've come to closing just because so many of us have lost our love of the community itself.  DoA is a lot of work, and at the end of the day, it is truly a labor of love.  Paying over $10,000 a year for hosting without charging for membership means that our margins are thin; none of us get paid, 750mg Hydroquinone And Retin A, we're all human, and mistakes happen.  There's no basis for the bizarre mod-hate we've all been enduring.  Each colored name you see on the forum is tied to a real person who loves BJD.  Please remember that when you say we're awful or biased or that you'd like to meet us in a dark alley.

Anyway, I wish all of the remaining staff the best, I wish all of our members happiness, Hydroquinone And Retin A japan, and I hope that there are wonderful things in everyone's futures. :)

(I'll post officially on DoA when I completely de-mod.).

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12 thoughts on “Hydroquinone And Retin A

  1. We’re all going to miss having you there to help us make the harder decisions (and it seems like 9/10 of our decisions are harder ones, these days), but this has been a long time in coming, and it’s clearly the best choice for you as a person and as a doll collector.

  2. I respect your decision, A-San, but I do hope you understand that you are esteemed by the huge body of DOA. We may not be noisy, but we are there every day with love in our hearts for the mods who make this little corner of the internet for us.

    Wishing you joy,


  3. Even though I’m not a mod, I’ve been in ahobby a very long time too. You did the first face-ups on my first dolls! I definetly understand the sentiment about the community, though, and how it has changed drastically, to the point that many of the reasons I used to go on DOA just don’t exist anymore. You will be missed by lots, but truly, I can only imagine how hard it is to do what all of you do and not get burned out by it. Best of luck, and thanks for all the many years!

  4. Sorry to hear this. I understand. I see a lot of ugliness at DOA, but I have also seen a lot of amazing creativity and friendliness. I tend to hang out in just a couple of threads where I’ve really enjoyed myself, but as someone who was attacked early on by some other posters, I’ve been leery of participating all that much.

    You’re an amazing artist and I’ll continue to look forward to your blog and seeing your work here.

  5. Oh Aimee, I’m sorry to hear it, and even sorrier that making DOA work has caused you such unhappiness. I hope we can still share doll info and friendship. I have been phasing out my involvement, just because it’s kind of a time suck… particularly with my obsessive personality. School’s out soon, and I’m going on an amazing trip to see David (Cyprus, Istanbul, Vienna, Lyon, the south of France, and Paris!!!) The last vacation we went on, we visited friends who had a 6-month old baby girl. That child is graduating from high school this month. Say hi to Mandy, Truffle, and Farinelli for me. Scratch those furry little ears.

  6. I just want to say thank you for everything you did for DOA :) I very much appreciate all of it! I hope you also find happiness in whatever is in your future :)

  7. I will say first off that this post made my heart a bit heavy. It’s confirmed my biggest fears about the hobby and the community. I am sad to see you go Aimee, but I agree with the decision and I understand it.

    After being in the hobby since late 2005 and joined DoA in 2006 it really isn’t the hobby it used to be and I can feel you on the idea of leaving the moderation/admin side. I have seen the attitude shift in the hobby and it really just doesn’t feel the same.

    I still visit DoA and look around but I don’t find myself active in the community. From an admin point of view I share your pain, though I’ll admit we have far less people than DoA. Nothing destroys the love for a community more than unneeded and unjustified nastiness towards each other and especially towards the mods. Some people just have no concept of the world outside themselves and sperad that narrowmindedness to others through ignorance.

    I want to thank you for all of your hard work. Without you I don’t think Den of Angels would be here. You will be sorely missed by those of us who respect and admire you, though we may not be as vocal as the ones making all the noise! I wish you all the best and I hope your love for the hobby continues to grow with your change in Admin duties. All the best to you, Mandy, Truffle, and Faranelli!

  8. I’ll miss you, armeleia. :( Although the hobby may not be what it used to be, I want you to know that you are he person that inspired me to get into BJD customization, back in 2006, when I had just turned 13 and was fighting off a major depression.

    It’s 2012, now, and I’m a grown-up going to college. I still paint and sew for my dolls, when I get stressed out and feel like putting the real world away. I want to thank you for all the joy that you, Nikita, Aimee, Cassiel, and all of the rest of the original DOA mods have given me.

  9. I was linked this via another long time member who is also becoming disenchanted with the forum and I just wanted to post to say that I have a LOT of respect for you and the forum mods, and hope that even though I’m just one person this gives you a little bit of heart.

    I don’t always necessarily agree with the mods (on any forum, not just DoA really) but having been a mod of a fairly large forum myself in the past I know first hand how much time and hard work goes into keeping a forum like DoA running as smoothly as it does. Frankly, I think that you all do an amazing job and I have a lot of respect for you all for being able to put up with all the unpleasantness.

    It’s so sad to see that you’re feeling this way but I do understand your points and I hope that in time the community begins to improve again, and this is just a little blip in an otherwise fantastic hobby.

    Sorry for blathering on, I just wanted you to know that even though I don’t know you personally and don’t know very much in general you have my support and most of all my gratitude :)

  10. I’m sorry your creation is being ruined for you. It sucks when that happens, and it happens to a lot of people for some reason. Not nice.

    I hope things get better for you and I hope that you can enjoy what you’ve created once again. Maybe you just need to do a little “weeding” xD Hehehe.