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Amoxicillin Pictures, Did you know that Macs and PCs don't really read the same kind of DVD?  Macs read DVD-R and PCs usually read DVD+R.  No one seems to know this... not even the techs at the computer places.  But it's true, it's an obnoxious fact.

Anyway, Amoxicillin Pictures canada, making the PC burn DVD-R is possible, though it doesn't like it.  It took the entire evening of fighting with my desktop first, 1000mg Amoxicillin Pictures, then the laptop, to get it to burn two DVDs to DVD-R discs.  Roxio Creator 8 also has some serious issues - it KILLED my desktop.  Like, it won't boot up at ALL.  I turned it on and it just sits.  Tonight will be desktop repair night.  Ugh.

Also.., Amoxicillin Pictures coupon. the whole "Buy a Mac!" mentality of the Mac owner culture makes me want to kick people.  Here's a snippet of the conversation I had yesterday with the tech at Circuit City:

 Me: yeah, it's been total frustration.  Her Mac won't read the DVDs, 150mg Amoxicillin Pictures, it won't correctly download the file when I upload it to my webspace... it can't read the data CDs I burned with the files... 

tech: Sounds like you need a Mac!

I just looked at him. 

Anyway, tonight is the major modding night.

Related, Amoxicillin Pictures australia, I have a pair of Liz ears just chilling on the table, no head attached.  I'm trying to think of fun things to do with them, people to send them to.

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4 thoughts on “Amoxicillin Pictures

  1. Yikes…that’s super annoying. How frustrating! I wonder if it’s an issue with the drives themselves though (I know, that’s not helpful at all ^_^; ). I own a PC and my boyfriend owns a Mac and we are always burning CDs and DVDs for each other (well, until my drive died three days after warranty expired -_- ).

  2. I have a dvd burner that burns on both + and – dvds. If you want, send me your copy and I can burn it on an -R dvd for you. I have an external dvd burner and I burn on both types of dvds. I love my burner cuz I don’t have to worry bout which type dvd I buy, especially when they are sold out of one or the other during a sale.

    I think it really depends on what type of dvd player/burner you have. Like, you can install a dvd burner onto a Mac that burns both formats. I don’t think Macs and PCs are really restricted in which type they can only use. It really just depends on what dvd player/burner you had installed.