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Recommended Dose Of Flagyl, Denny sent me pictures of the Minimee head with the modifications that I requested. I'm much happier with it. 30mg Recommended Dose Of Flagyl, I'm love his mouth and nose... I think slimming his jaw really fixed him up. His eyes still aren't quite even, 750mg Recommended Dose Of Flagyl, but I can even them out when I get the heads. They're rather high on his face, but I think they are in my drawing as well, Recommended Dose Of Flagyl. Recommended Dose Of Flagyl japan, Either way, I am just beyond excited about the new heads for Burgundy and Knife.

I'm still worried about their size and resin color.., Recommended Dose Of Flagyl australia. but I think we'll be okay. 1000mg Recommended Dose Of Flagyl, We'll see when they get here.


(Dunno what was up with cutting the pic off there. Weird.)

Doesn't he have the most gorgeous mouth. <3 I love his big fat lower lip and his pointy nose.
Unrelated, I'm going to kill Leadchild upstairs if my neighbor's girlfriend doesn't get him under control.

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3 thoughts on “Recommended Dose Of Flagyl

  1. Oh ya! Big improvement there:D I the next order they are charging extra for changes:( But I guess its only fair… Can’t wait to see this in resin with proper faceup and wig.

    I ordered my minimee on Sunday, and I am patiently now waiting for what.. two months? I am a bit worried about size.. will it be in scale with my other heads, will it suit a certain body I just bought for it (even though I told myself to wait till I had the heads in hand).

    You have my blessing to kill the leadchild, will visit you in prison when I am over there, even;)

  2. Yay, I’m glad they were able to improve things! I hope the resin color is exactly what you hope for.

  3. Wow, he looks amazing! I can’t wait to see him all finished! (And yay for pointy noses! :P)