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I don't mind being given free rein over a faceup, or just being given a general "impression" of what people would like their doll's faceup to look like. :) But if you have a very specific vision, or things you specifically do not like, I do need to know. Here is a template that I have made that covers just about every possible consideration for just about every aspect of the average faceup. If you're commissioning me, you're welcome to use parts of this or all of it to describe what you want. Really, the first three sections (the most generic ones!) are all I really need. I will be updating this with sample pictures to show different styles of brows, lips, and lashes that I have done. If you have reference pictures to show what you'd like, that would be great too!

ArmeleiaLand Faceup Instruction Template

Overall character/personality Tell me a little bit about your doll's character, and the kind of person they are. I don't need a life history, but I would love to know about their attitude and philosophy. Overall color palette Do you tend to prefer pale palette or dark smokey colors? Do you want them to have a color theme, like shades of green? Do you want them to have a lot of sparkle/iridescent tones and power effects? Are you trying to match a certain pair of eyes or outfit? Do you like your blushing and colors paler (less blushed/shaded) or more saturated? Things to avoid Is there a color you hate (i.e. orange), or a particular thing that some faceup artists do?(i.e. black dots at the corner of the mouth, painted crease lines in the eyelids, etc.) Eyebrows Angle: Straight across/flat on brow line, severely angled, arched, rainbow-shaped...? Thickness: Thick caterpillars, average human thickness, thin, plucked...? Same thickness all the way across, tapered at the end? Color: Is there a wig I'm matching, do you want the color to be neutral so it can go with several wigs? Brushwork angles/style? There are several styles I tend toward. If you would like something else, please describe it.
  • eyebrow hairs all go one way (diagonal back from the browline)
  • similar to above, but hairs crosscross toward the outside edge
  • more natural patterning. All hairs point away from the bridge of the nose, but they are not all at the same angle.
Eyelashes Color: Same as the eyebrows, dark, pale, mascara'd? Style: I have a few styles that I tend to do more often.
  • lashes all going out in the same direction/similar angle
  • lashes in groups of 2-3 lashes that come together at their tips (make little points)
  • stylized, crisscross eyelashes
  • any of the above in a dark color with white accent lashes over in places
Some examples: faceup-eyelash1.jpg faceup-eyelash2.jpg faceup-eyelash3.jpg Length: Short, medium, long, very very long? Shading/Liner Liner? Do you like just a rim of darker color on the inside of the upper eyelid, would you prefer it to be thick like makeup? Inner corners of the eyes: The area at the inside of the bridge of the nose. Do you like minimal shading, do you want it to be rosier, bruised/tired looking? Upper lid: Do you want it to look as though they are wearing makeup? If so, what colors would you like the eye shadow to be? (Non-makeup colors are brownish, pauve, and peach by default). Tearduct: Do you want the tearducts painted and/or glossed? What color? Blushing Color: Rose, brown, pink...? Blue? Is it coordinating with something? Darkness: Do you like pale blushing, heavy blushing? Placement: Do you prefer the cheek blushing to be along the jawline, in the apple of the cheek, or higher along the cheekbone? Lips Color: Coordinating with the rest of the faceup or do you have a specific color in mind? Style: Darker in the center and fading to the ourside edge, uniformly colored, blockier paint application like lipstick? Lip Lines: Do you like lip lines? If yes, would you like them to only have darker lines, only have lighter lines, or a combination of both? How much contrast would you like? (Stripey, barely visible?) Line between the lips: Do you like the line between the lips painted? If so, how dark/what color? (My default is to paint the line a shade darker than the lip color) Gloss/pearl Lips: How glossy do you want them? Matte, semi-gloss, super gloss? Eyebrows: My default is to paint semi-gloss lines on the eyebrows, in the same direction of th eyebrows hairs. If you don't want this, please tell me. Eyes: My default is to gloss the tearduct. I also normally put a semi-gloss + very light pearl on the upper eyelid. If you want something different, please tell me. Other Do you have any beauty marks, scars, other special features?


  Please keep in mind that I will use references that you give me, but I will not duplicate (or attempt to duplicate) another artist's work exactly. To do so would be unfair to both me and the other artist! If you do not care for my style of painting, please choose another faceup artist. My normal style of working is to do a faceup in one sitting (it's easier for me to keep continuity). Because of this, you may only receive a finished photo or a photo just prior to applying gloss. If you wish to see progress pictures, please let me know in advance. I have no problem stopping and sending you pictures at different stages (as often as you like!), but it is not my normal style so I do need to know so that I can accomodate you. If I can make alterations without wiping the whole faceup, there are no extra charges for changes. If you give specific instructions and I have done as you ask, there will be a fee for a redo.

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