The Residents.

The boys (and girl) in alphabetical order. archive2 Name: Archive Sculpt: white Mature Narae60 Wig: Bright, primary-red fur wig made by Cassiel. Eyes: DIY black, 14mm Faceup/modifications: The body has been modified from female to mostly male. Sex: Ambigendered, though mostly resembles Geran male Species: Makarian Age: 152 Personality/History: Archive is Makarian, an ambigendered desert species with an obnoxiously complex language and system of social rules. They're slightly animalistic in some ways and have a wild, normally imprecise magic type. Archive broke off from his community when he was quite young by their standards and joined Geran society. Because he left before certain stages of Makarian social development, he is more natural in Geran culture than his own. He studied at a Geran academy and eventually became a professor. His life took a dramatic change when he contracted himself to an ailing mage. From that period of time, about 80% of his body is covered with runes that control him, augment his behavior, or tell the story of a betrayal. His personality varies with the stages of the moon, but he is usually very straight-forward and earnest (if a little no-nonsense). Occupation: Professor Relationships: Formerly contracted to Mac, engaged to Burgundy, parent to Imp and Prinz Gamble. Still needs: Most of his runes finished, appropriate boots. burgundypro.jpg Name: Burgundy Sculpt: MiniMee + Senior Delf body Wig: Luts white wig. Sort of mulletty. Eyes: Not sure right now... Faceup/Modifications: His head is off being recast. Sex: Male Species: Geran Nationality/ethnicity: Eroen Age: 37 Personality/History: Burgundy was raised by his grandparents after his mother ran off. The upbringing was rather Spartan under the heavy-handed rule of his grandfather. Though Burgundy had great potential as a magic user, his family didn't allow him to study magic or attend university. At the end of the world, he's become the Station Master and rules over the population of the Station. He's being trained by his lover, Archive, and is rapidly becoming a very formidable mage. He's had a lot of changes recently when he learned he had a half-brother and became a parent twice, then lost his youngest. He's a very cool, fair guy... but he gets excited about the nerdiest things. He's protective and proud. It's hard for Burgundy to accept help. Occupation: Station Master Relationships: Half-brother to Knife, engaged to Archive, father to Imp and Prinz Gamble Still needs: A wig that falls right and covers his forehead a bit, his Stationmaster coat and hat. cogpro.jpg Name: Cog Sculpt: Pixydoll SEVY head on an SD13 boy body Eyes: Custom ED Sweety eyes, red with a black rim. Wig: Poorly made white fur wig (by me) Faceup/Modifications: I did his faceup.  I also modified his ears to be longer and pointed. Sex: Male Species: Demonbred Geran Nationality/Ethnicity: Eroen (Yaris clan) Age: 38 Personality/History: Cog is from a Yaris family that suppresses their demonbred qualities.  He's grown up to be a quiet, friendly scholar.  Before the End of the World, he worked as a Rune Theory professor at the same university where Shai worked.  Their friendship started when Cog was still a student, and deepened as he entered his masters and then doctoral program. As a gift, Shai crafted gearwork wings for Cog and grafted them to his back; this enables him to fly.  Until a recent meeting with the Progenitor, he wasn't a great possessor of magic and mostly stuck to the theoretical rune studies.  At this point, he is a master rune layer... and drawing circles is as natural as breathing.  He lives at the Station with his two lovers, Shai and Breaker, and uses his ability to fly to help out neighboring communities by being the mail carrier. Occupation: Mail Carrier Relationships: Lover to Shai and Breaker, friend and colleague to Mac Still needs: The wings! Name: Crash Sculpt: Tan FCS F-17 Boy, Sunlight skin Wig: Fur wig by Spite and Malice Eyes: 18mm gold mystics Faceup/Modifications: All as he came from Volks. Sex: Male Species: Geran Nationality/Ethnicity: Roanaen Age: 88 Personality/History: Crash is an island prince turned diplomat, turned government liaison. Though he has become very northernized and acts like an Eroen Geran in many ways, he still clings firmly to his own culture, specifically the Roanaen religion. Crash is very kind and playful and is sincerely a "nice guy." He hates wearing shoes. Occupation: Diplomat for the Senator of Polis Relationships: Friend and servant to Ree, married to Swill, daiya to the twins, friend to Mac Still needs: Gaudy island jewelry, his biri.impface3 Name: Imp Sculpt: YoSD Neon Eyes: Black HG Glass 14mm eyes Wig: Mellow Mellon fur wig Faceup/Modifications: I did his faceup, but he has no mods. Sex: Male Species: Gero-Makarian Nationality/Ethnicity: Eroen Age: 4 Personality/History: Imp was genetically engineered from two similar but incompatible species. He is small for a Geran baby, but rather large for a Makarian baby. His physical development is not really similar to either species - he is getting bigger and smarter faster than a normal Geran infant, but he is not maturing physically or linguistically as quickly as a Makarian. He is well loved and quite spoiled. He can talk in short sentences, though he hates doing it and will normally only do so for praise/attention/treats. Occupation: --- Relationships: Son of Burgundy and Archive, Nephew to Knife Still needs: Esthetics and body blushing... a new body when Lati releases the SP body! Knifepro.jpg Name: Knife Sculpt: MiniMee + Senior Delf body Wig: Really long black Leeke wig Eyes: 16mm ED #33 (pictured in high dome old style Mystics) Faceup/Modifications: None. Sex: Male Species: Geran Nationality/ethnicity: Eroen Age: 69 Personality/History: Knife was born with a rare genetic variation that gives him the ability to draw magic out of other people without their consent. He was trained as a cyphon mage to try to legitimize this ablity, though his particular type is highly untrusted and mostly unwanted in society. He worked in a government office until he lost his license for attacking his supervisor and eventually ended up contracted to Mac. The two really hit it off and stayed together for almost ten years before a huge misunderstanding that basically ruined both of their lives - putting Knife on the run and leaving Mac with only enough magic to keep him alive. At the end of the world, they've reconciled their differences and understand each other more clearly than ever. Knife is very shrewd and intelligent, though not particularly learned. He's lacks confidence, but hides it well. He walks like he owns the world. He loves penguins and owns a ball-jointed doll named Muffin. Occupation: Cyphon Mage/Tap Relationships: Half-brother to Burgundy, engaged to Mac, uncle to Imp and Prinz Gamble, adoptive father to Ribbon Still needs:His new metallic Mystics!! macpro.jpg Name: Mac Sculpt: Volks SD13 Heath on a normal-legged body Wig: Crispy black wig from the Volks Rainy Day Fair Eyes: Heath default 16mm blue eyes Faceup/Modifications: He's had the inside corners of his upper eyelids opened, and he's had his lips reshaped to be less duck-ish. His mouth was also made broader. Sex: Male Species: Geran Nationality/Ethnicity: Eroen Age: 70 Personality/History: Mac is the bastard child of a well-known crime family. He was raised by his mother and Family. He eventually came into political office as a government rune master. Mac is generally well-loved and very charismatic, sort of like a 40's movie star. He met the love of his life through work, but that came to a rather horrible end that left him barely alive and without any magic. He ended up contracting a Makarian mage (Archive) to help him at work and home. Losing his magic put extreme mental strain on Mac, so he gradually bound Archive to him using a complex array of flesh runes. Fortunately, Archive got away... and now at the end of the world, things have mostly resolved themselves in terms of Knife, Archive, and Mac's own sanity. Mac is a talented singer and charming as hell. He's also very well educated with good social skills. Occupation: Rune Mage Relationships: Engaged to Knife, adoptive father to Ribbon, former contract owner of Archive, friend to Shai Still needs: 40's style underwear and sock garters, rune on palm. ribbonpro2.jpg Name: Ribbon Sculpt: Volks SD10 Liz boy Wig: Luts blond kinky curly one Eyes: Pupapa 16mm green China Glass eyes Faceup/Modifications: None. Sex: Male Species: Geran Nationality/ethnicity: Eroen Age: 36 (comparable to 21 in human years) Personality/History: Ribbon had his magic corrupted when he was very young and had to have it all removed and cleansed. Through this, he met Mac and Knife... while they never actually adopted him, they did shape his personality and lot and eventually sent him to university to study as a color mage. Unfortunately, the early issues with his magic have had lingering effects, and he is prone to fits of staring when his magic fails to cycle properly. For health reasons, he lived among the Makarians for many years and became a student of their culture. He is more comfortable in Makarian society and spends most of his time living among Makarians, dressing like them, and speaking their language. At the end of the world, he's finally being adopted by Mac and Knife (which he's wanted since he was 12). He is a sweet, mild young Geran with a lot of ideas and a great imagination. He wishes he was Makarian. Occupation: Color mage, Makarian scholar, aspiring author Relationships: Adoptive son to Knife and Mac Still needs: Sandles. linkpro.jpg Name: Rory 5. Strate Sculpt: Volks SD13 Link on a long-legged body. Wig: Butchered Audrey's curly wig in carrot Eyes: Artist made hazel eyes in ~17mm Faceup/Modifications: He's had his eyes opened slightly and reshaped, as well as some modification to the bridge of his nose.  More recently I slimmed his jaw and took down his ipper lip to make it less pointy in the middle. Species: Human (E) Age: 24 Personality/History: Rory was a lab-created protype of a memory enhancement technology. While he is human, he is considered "enhanced." Rory is very quiet about this information since he feels lightly like he doesn't fit. Rory has perfect memory and can recall anything that he has ever seen, felt, or heard. His intelligence is probably about average, but because of his ability to recall information, he comes off as being much smarter than he is. He isn't overly creative, but he can balance a budget like nobody's business. He works as a manager in the entertainment industry and really loves his work, though he doesn't like dealing with his colleagues very much. He is in a long-term, monogamous relationship with Apollo Melmoth (owned by Junkets) and they have a lab-created 4 year old son named Constantine. Rory is very even-tempered and fair, and doesn't tolerate slights to his friends. Depending on the company he's in, he can be very loud-mouthed... though he is normally pretty mellow with his loved ones. He's very proud and can be somewhat standoffish to people who rub him the wrong way. Occupation: Exotic Entertainment Manager Relationships: Committed to Apollo, father to Constantine Still needs: A to-scale PDA shaipro.jpg Name: Shai Sculpt: Volks SD13 Lucas (pureskin version) Wig: Currently, Volks Mark default Eyes: ED Sweety #47 Faceup/modifications: Faceup by me, no mods. Sex: Male Species: Geran Nationality/Ethnicity: Eroen Age: 77 Personality/History: Shai is a highly celebrated runemaster and engineer, and taught at a famous university before the End of the World. He's very laid back and hard to anger, but he's also very direct and will tell people point-blank if he thinks they're making a bad decision. He believes that there are many kinds of love, but that love can't be quantified or contained; you either love someone or you don't, you can't prioritize relationships... and if you love someone, it's your duty to love them to the fullest of your ability. Shai genuinely loves several people, in addition to having numerous shallow flings based purely on mutual pleasure. The man is a lech, but no one goes to bed with Shai without knowing exactly where they stand. Shai is very intelligent and doesn't discriminate against any race, gender, or social class (much to the annoyance of his late parents, who were elitist racists). Occupation: rune mage, rune/mechanical engineer, professor, Relationships: Lover to Cog and Breaker, friend and colleague to Mac, Friend to Crash Still needs: His two lovers and maybe a better wig. (He's supposed to be dirty-blond) swillpro.jpg Name: Swill Sculpt: K-doll Kill_U 2nd + Luts BW boy body Wig: Black mohair Eyes: Luts black glass, 16mm Faceup/modifications: Faceup by me, no mods. Sex: Male Species: Geran Nationality/Ethnicity: Ero-Girisyan Age: 50 (Comparable to a human 25 year old) Personality/History: Just the cook. ;) Occupation: Cook, potion brewer Relationships: Babysits Sparrow and Lacey from time to time, good friend to Burgundy, dating Crash. Still needs: A better wig, clothes, appropriate shoes. twistpro2.jpg Name: Twist Sculpt: Kanon Rui + SD13 boy body Wig: Home-made white mohair wig, dyed fuschia at the tips Eyes: Orange-brown drop-rops eyes Faceup/modifications: None! Sex: Male Species: Geran Nationality/Ethnicity: Ero-Narwhel Age: 84 (Comparable to a mid-thirties in human years) Personality/History: Twist's birth parents sold him into an apprenticeship with carpenter when he was seven because they fell on sudden financial hardship. This wasn't a good fit for him, but he was fortunately rescued by child services and adopted by an older couple. His adoptive parents loved having him and went on to adopt many other children while Twist was growing up (some of whom were his natural siblings who had similarly been sold). It was a very loving home, and Twist went on to study medicine. He became a pediatric surgeon so he could give back to society for how he was helped as a child. He is bubbly, cheerful, and very hyper at times but can settle down and focus when necessary. At the End of the World, he has become the Station's doctor. Occupation: Station physician, surgeon Relationships: Loves everyone at the station! <3 Still needs: His monocle and some loud, obnoxious pants!

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  1. I like the pics but i was hoping you could tell me where you buy your dolls from is it a website or ebay, i’ve tryed e-mailing only problem is it didn’t work, long story. Anyway please i would love to know because i would love to own one and know the background of how the dolls were made and got their stories. Anyways please e-mail me back soon with any information you can get me, much appreciated. Thanx.

  2. Hello me again thanks so much for the e-mail it was such a reief to find the websites. But i remember you asking where i found your website well it was a link off of rinlocke. Which is Anabel Martinez’s site. Well thanks again and i love your dolls. =)

  3. I just red all the profiles and I’m so impressed! Even from just the profiles you already created a whole new world which feels so rich and genuine. If I have to pick a favourite it’s Shai, but all of your dolls are wonderful, unique characters ^^

  4. Cog. I would stretch out in the middle of the Santa Monica Freeway in rush hour on a rainy day just to meet Cog in person. What an exquisite face.

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