ORDERS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED.  Thank you! Please see Inkling's blank photos here. Please see her painted gallery here. Preorder Dates: November 3 - December 3 Inkling's orders are handled by email; payment is accepted by Paypal only. The order will be submitted to the casting company on December 4th, and then we wait for the order to be fulfilled! It may take approximately 2 months due to the Chinese New Year. Because the dolls are made to order, orders cannot be canceled once payment has been completed. What is included?
  • Body, headback, default (open-eyed) faceplate
  • 4mm Glass Eyes (random color)
  • The dolls are unpainted by default, but come assembled with their seams sanded smooth.
The cost of the basic doll is $200. You may choose white or peach skintone. What are the optional faces?
Blank plates cannot be ordered without a doll. You may not order extras of the default plate (sorry!), but you can order multiples of the other plates if desired. Each faceplate is $15.
What about painting?
Please click for larger images: Sleeping - Default - Laughing - Smirking - Pouting There are two faceup options. You may either choose the default shown in the picture above, or you may choose "artist's choice" and allow the artist to paint the faceplates as she wishes. Please note that the default faceups will vary slightly from the sample photos due to the fact that they are done by hand. The default cannot be customized, though you may specify eyebrow color. Faceups are $15 per faceplate.
How do I order? ORDERS ARE CLOSED.  Thank you for your support! :)