Castlings (Hand-cast dolls)

Standard release dolls are available in white and peach skintones during order periods.  This small offering of colors is based on options available from our casting company. Armeleia will be hand-casting dolls  in other colors and resin types based on personal interest ("Castlings").  These dolls will be cast in a variety of colors, occasionally with unique resin effects such as pearl, metal, or glow additives.  Because of time constraints and the difficulty of producing an exact color, Seed does not accept requests for custom colors or maintain a regular schedule of releases. There are two series of Castlings: the Beautiful Line (which explores natural human skintones from pale white to deep ebony) and the Fantasy Line (which focuses on brilliant colors and unusual resin effects). About Hand-Cast Dolls Hand-cast dolls may contain imperfections such as tiny inclusions, tiny airbubbles, or pigment imperfections.  Each Castling will be photographed individually and described in detailed, so please be sure to read all of the information prior to requesting to buy.  Hand-cast dolls are sold "as-is" and cannot be returned for any flaw that was disclosed on the sale page.