Inkling is approximately 18.5cm tall with a curvy, mature body.  She is smaller than she looks and probably smaller than you think she is!

She wears a 3-4″ wig and uses 4mm eyes.

Her measurements are:

Height: 18.5cm
Head Circumference: 8.5cm (3.25″)

Neck (circumference): 2.8cm
Shoulders (across): 4.2cm
Bust (circumference): 8.2cm
Waist (circumference): 4.8cm
Hips (circumference): 8.4cm
Thigh (circumference): 5.3cm
Thigh (length): 5.3cm
Calf (circumference): 3.5cm
Calf (length): 5.0cm
Ankle (circumference): 2.3cm
Foot (length): 2.4cm
Foot (across): 0.8cm
Upper Arm (length): 3.0cm
Forearm (length): 2.5cm
Wrist (circumference): 1.8cm

A professionally cast edition will be available for preorder in late October/early November.  The available colors will be peach and white!