First Generation Dolls

Prior to sending Inkling for production, I cast several dolls from my own molds. Four of the first generation dolls were cast in their owner's choice of colors, the others were experiments or my choice. Inkling #1 (Chocolate Milk) Inkling #1 was the first doll out of the mold.  She was a pale violet-toned tan. Inkling #2 (Peach Cream) Inkling #2 went overseas!  She was a translucent peach color and was the very first Inkling to be painted. Inkling #3 (Milk Tea) This Inkling was the first to have all her plates painted.  She was a translucent tan. Inkling #4 (Milk Glass) Inkling #4 was my favorite of the first set.  She was a very pale, translucent white-blue resin.  I decided on the default open-eyed faceup while painting her.  The default faceup will have this eyebrow position. "Prototypling" (#5) Prototypling was an off-cast while I was working on Inkling #3.  For some reason, the pieces came out all different colors and translucence, even though I mixed all the resin at once!  She became the casting master that went to the studio, since the color wouldn't matter in that case!  (In this picture, you can see the bags of pieces of a lot of the first generation Inklings in the background!) Inkling #6 (Pearly Blue) This Inkling is a translucent blue with blue pearl powder.  She has gone to live in Australia! Experimentling (Pearly blue with Glitter and Glow-in-the-Dark) "Experimentling" was an attempt to see how different additives reacted with the resin -  she was cast using clear resin with opaque pigments, glow powder, glitter, and pearl!  The glow powder and glitter sank to the bottom, but the rest was pretty successful.  The way the pieces were oriented in the mold made the glow powder settle into interesting places, so it actually looks pretty neat in the dark!  She is already spoken for! :) Inkling #7 Teaser (Deep Tan with Rosegold Sparkle) [left] Inkling #8 Teaser (Snow White) [Right] Inkling #7 turned out darker than I had intended, but still very lovely.  She was the very last doll out of the mold before it started to break down.  She is a translucent brown with red-gold pearl powder.  The pearl effect is very very subtle.  She will be finished and sold as a fullset with clothes and wig. Inkling #8 Inkling is a slightly translucent paper-white.  It's really stunning in person.  I'm not sure if she will be sold or if I will keep her as my personal doll.