Inkling’s Making

These are the progress pictures I shared of Inkling while I was working on her.  From start to finish, she took around 6 months.  A lot of people are faster than I am, but I work full time and I'm not a very natural sculptor.   I could only spend a little bit of time on her daily, and there were some weeks where I didn't work on her at all. I first sculpted her out of Apoxie Sculpt, which is a two part epoxy clay that cures to rock-hard.  Even so, the thin pieces were too brittle to string.  I junk molded her, then cast her pieces in resin.  At that point, I could test out her posability.  Many things changes, some dramatically, but I think she stayed very true to the original.  Finally, I finished and perfected those pieces and created a new set of molds. These pictures are in chronological order. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]