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The Resignation of Thos. Chatterton

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August 24 is a sad anniversary for me, as it was on that day in 1770 that my darling Thomas Chatterton mixed up his arsenic and opium in a glass of water and took that first sip. I’m glad that I have my pretty Thomas here with me. “But yet, with fortitude resigned, I’ll thank […]

Inexhaustable Pride

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So…now we’re on Version 4 of Thomas. *sigh* This time he’s Volks SD10 Mark, who I picked up in Buffalo when I went home for the funeral. Armeleia repainted him last night and while it’s taking some time to get used to his new face, I think that for the moment he is my Thomas […]

Hooooooo hum

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Mm…not feeling the best today. The very hot weather leaves me languid and sleepy, since I don’t sleep well at night even in air conditioniong. It’s as though I know it’s hot outside. I want to take some pictures of Willow…he has eyelashes in (finally!) and a new shirt that I’ve waited years to get. […]

A Dark Red Love Knot

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Wow, two photoshoots in as many days! Consider yourselves lucky. :) Today Thomas got a new wig, FCS W-100, color 350. It’s an FCS-only combination, and Armeleia was sweet enough to let me choose it to split with her when she got her FCS. It makes Thomas a little girly, but I adore the color […]


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Edit: Gah…that one eye is a little crooked…I don’t know why, but it always goes like that. Weirdly enough, that’s the eye that Thomas Chatterton’s sister said of his was slightly dull. ————— I’m still not feeling very into…well, anything, but this weekend I wanted to have some Junkets/ doll time. While the weather hardly […]

Marvellous Boy Made of Antique Lace

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Ah, my Thomas. This darling is on his third shell on the journey to find just the right face for him. He’s my Muse, the topic of my Master’s thesis, my Thomas Chatterton. So it’s only right that he get clothes from Musedoll, right? Yes, yes, I’m corny…but I do love my boy, and seeing […]

Getting closer…

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Well…as of right now Harlequinn is sitting in customs. I’m not sure how long he’ll be there, but he’s a telepath, so I’m not worried that he’ll be able to talk and/or manipulate his way out of any potential government situations. :) I just can’t believe how long it’s taken them to ship him out. […]

Oh, the waiting!

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I did it! I won four new Pinkies on Ebay! I haven’t had any new Pinkies since I left Japan. And while the thirty I have are a formidable army in and of themselves, four new recruits will be welcomed. As long as I can find a spot for them on the shelf over the […]


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Finally! We headed over to Volks to see if Thomas was in, even though I hadn’t gotten a call, or an e-mail, yet. We walked in, me with all sorts of money in my wallet, and there was my name! On a beautiful heavy white box! Thomas! He’s lovely, I must admit. He’s a beauty […]

Ah, Kyoto!

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Well…vacation was good and bad, heheh. Dollwise, it was great, though! We went to Tenshi no Sato on the second day of our time in Kyoto. Again, loooooong sloooooooooooow train ride. Hehehe. The night before we went, as Armeleia was sketching out Thomas’ face up in anticipation of ordering him the next morning, I joked […]

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