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Protection of the Creator

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Out of Gen’s snowy whiteness came Sliver’s patchwork wonder. Creator and creation…two parts of one whole. (The sunlight today washed out most of the pics, so Armeleia said she would try again tomorrow for me.)     

Sliver Unwrapped

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My poor little Sliver has been dreadfully neglected lately. I have a big photostory in the planning for him, and my schedule hasn’t allowed me to work on it. Unfortunately, because I feel that I’m waiting for that, I haven’t been taking just normal pictures of him. Today, the weather was fine and my blue […]


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Edit: Gah…that one eye is a little crooked…I don’t know why, but it always goes like that. Weirdly enough, that’s the eye that Thomas Chatterton’s sister said of his was slightly dull. ————— I’m still not feeling very into…well, anything, but this weekend I wanted to have some Junkets/ doll time. While the weather hardly […]

Halloween Teaser

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I love Halloween, and I used to do grand glorious things for it. (Ah, how I miss the high drama of the Theatre des Vampires!) My Halloweens have been a little dull lately, but this year I’m intent on doing a good photo event for my most favorite holiday. I’ve started working on them, and […]

The Pieces of Me

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I love all my dolls, and I love certain pieces of my dolls more than others. I’m going to try to start a photoseries highliting those features of my dolls that I love the most. I’m desperately trying to find places/lighting that are appropriate and actually make my dolls look good. :) Anyway, here are a […]

Clouds Always After Sun-Part 1

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Well, I had a day off, so I decided to put some of the daylight hours to work with a photostory. Unfortunately, late summer gets me in a weird mood. Click here for the rest of the story.

Learning in the great outdoors

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Sliver’s still a work in progress to Gen, his creator. So every day is a new learning opportunity. Over the weekend, the scientist took his little ragdoll out into the garden. All sorts of new words to learn…flowers, sun, big big tree. :) And we are showcasing Gen’s new Zoukeimoura eyes. They’re 16mm G-07 and […]


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Happy today. Welcome sun! Came home. Found Sliver. Doctor home. Make Sliver home. Many many good. Yes, Sliver’s no longer alone. His “Doctor” is home. Generosity, or Gen as basically everyone knows him, is a science mage who created Sliver four years ago. The two were seperated by rather apocolyptic events and Sliver was found […]

Oh yeah!

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Well, you can definitely be expecting some doll changes from me in the next couple of weeks. A lot of changes have happened, including the selling of little MSD Ken Harlequinn. He’s going to the lovely Lyn in NC, so I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful time living down south. Where it’s much warmer than […]

We’re trying for changes again

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Oooooooooookay! So we’re trying to get back into the game. Buzz is gone! Well, not gone completely, but his body will no longer be his own. He will be a character very important to Sliver, and I’m keeping any more than that a secret. Armeleia will be modding the head I’ve chosen for him, and […]

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