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Candy Time!

Constantine, Maddy, Yay!| 2 Comments »

Well, that’s all these little guys are thinking about anyway. Their parents clicked some quick photos before the little group of terrors rushed out to trick -or-treat their way around the neighborhood. Constantine made Daddy Apollo proud this year in his little surgeon costume. He intends to dissect every candy bar he gets in. He […]

Dumpling love!

Constantine, HAHAHAHA, Tasty yum yums| 4 Comments »

This is alllllll for you, thesaraghina!

Poisson D’Avril

Apollo, Constantine, HAHAHAHA, Photostories| 3 Comments »

For the French, today is Poisson d’Avril, or “April Fish.” Many schoolchildren dart about taping paper cutouts of fish to their classmates’ backs. When the prank is found out by the victim, the little perpatrator hops away with the cry of “Poisson d’Avril!” Which in this case means “Never trust the little boy with his […]

Innocent Hands

Constantine, Dolpa, New stuff| 2 Comments »

Well, that’s what they should be. On any other little squishie they would be. However, Constantine wears them very differently. They are the hands that say, “Daddy, let’s negotiate bedtime” or “Dad, didn’t you want a green motorcycle?” Or the hands Constantine uses when he plants himself in front of a closed door, looking sweetly […]

How does he do it??

Constantine, New stuff, Waiting| 1 Comment »

The baby…has done it again. Guess who has something coming in the mail? Little brat…his daddies are too indulgent. Heh, because it certainly couldn’t be me buying him stuff…

Guess who’s getting new clothes?

Constantine, Dolpa, New stuff, Waiting, Yay!| 1 Comment »

Constantine is! … Yeah, I know. It’s not really a surprise, is it? Over the weekend, I happened to check the VolksUSA website when they put some Dolpa 16 goodies up for sale. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that quick like a bunny with my credit card before. The box from Volks should […]


Constantine, RL, Yay!| 4 Comments »

Well, after all the angst of the day, I got phone call at 5:40 from the company I interviewed with. Nothing like wondering how you should answer when asked, “How do you think your interview with us went?” I figured I had nothing to lose, so I answered, “Rather well, I thought.” After a few […]

Happy Happy Day!

Constantine, Yay!| 2 Comments »

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day. Constantine didn’t get the things he asked for from Santa (as usual, a puppy, his parents getting married, and a baby brother), but he got a wonderful bunny blanket and a set of undies like Dad’s. :) He hopes everyone got what they asked for (though […]

Missed it!

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When will I learn to watch Volks USA with a little more devotion? Or mark on my calendar when they’re going to have events? I just totally missed out on the adorable Yo-SD Christmas Santa outfit they had up for all of…well, two minutes this very early morning. Look at it! Suspenders! Granted, Constantine […]

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