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We’re trying for changes again

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Oooooooooookay! So we’re trying to get back into the game. Buzz is gone! Well, not gone completely, but his body will no longer be his own. He will be a character very important to Sliver, and I’m keeping any more than that a secret. Armeleia will be modding the head I’ve chosen for him, and […]

Maybe not?

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Well, the thing with the Juri head fell through because I simply can’t pay almost as much for a CP head, however limited, as I would for a Volks head. So, the Juri elf boy is out. I’m at the moment perhaps negotiating for a Sleeping Yder head for Armeleia to mod. I don’t like […]

A change?

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I’ve been sick, and not working for the last few days. Blah. I hate being sick. I thought that I would be heading into work today, but apparently, that was a no go. So I’ve been thinking about my dolls. Well…I’m thinking of giving Buzz an overhaul. I don’t really play with him at all; […]


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Heheh, you know those projects that just suck up several hours, and you don’t even know where the time goes? Well, Armeleia and I got sucked into one of the project dimensions this evening. Why, you ask? Because we made a yukata for Buzz. Why? Heh…you’ll have to wait on that one. Armeleia made the […]

Come up and see me…

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Buzz decided that no one gets to see enough of him, so while the light was failing, I took a few pics of him tonight. I’m in love with this new wig on him. It’s an Acquire Anya in pink. Lovely! It just fits him perfectly, and looks great with his hat or with his […]

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