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Ampicillin For Sale

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Buy Vpxl No Prescription

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Bit of an update

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Well…I see how long it’s been since I posted and figure I might as well put something up here. I’ve been a bit uninterested in many of my hobbies lately and stupidly stressed at work. (I’m playing catch up for the girl who had the position before me. Then everytime I get nearly caught up, […]


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It’s one of those days where everything is low-key, but in a negative way. I just feel so…disappointed in many things right now. This morning I went to the Broadway Market, an Eastern European market in the old Polish section of town. It wasn’t bad, but there was none of the Ukrainian things i’ve looked […]

Tired thoughts…mostly rambling

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Man…you wouldn’t think that extra hour at work would take it out of you, but here it is Tuesday night of my week to stay until 6, and I’m wiped. Work’s very busy during the day, and my brain is already trained to know that 5= Go Home Time. That makes the last hour seem […]

Dear Today…

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Please to be over quickly, stresslessly, and simply, bringing me one step closer to the weekend. Thank you. Cheers, Junkets

Good? Bad?

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I guess I just don’t know. I felt that my interview went really well…but it lasted only 25 minutes. That to me felt like they were just having me in and getting me out. Or, did they not need to ask me as much? I dunno…I just didn’t get the feeling that they were going […]

Naughty, naughty camera!

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Well…after another two hours in the charger, the green light went on and supposedly the little dear is ready to go. I’ve put the battery into my camera…as the sun went behind the clouds. *screams* So…no pics today. Apollo and Constantine are sitting out in the livingroom in their preppy finery, just waiting. I’m hoping […]

Not even Noon Yet!

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Man oh man…you know those days where you just know that nothing is working out for you? Looks like today is going to be one of those days. When I woke up I felt really sick, so I headed back to bed for a bit. Fell into a restless sleep full of nightmares (really bizarre, […]

Same old crap

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First day home report: Sucks. When will I ever be home and not have people mad at me? If it’s not one person, it’s another. You’d think I went out and tried to piss people off in the brief time I’m in my parents’ home. If I happen to speak a true opinion, it’s immediately […]

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