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Buy Norvasc No Prescription, Sitting at my parents' house...watching Armeleia and HalloSpaceCat play "The Legend of Zelda" theme song on the handbells and dogsuit (yes...playing the dog suit) atop a giant birthday cake.

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Some improvements

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Well…today at work was criminally boring, but after that, the day shaped up a little. I got home to a PM letting me know the first buyer had flaked on the doll I wanted…and  I was able to get just the body, which is what I really wanted (and could more easily afford). So…Willow will […]

Secret Scientist

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As some of you may know, I have been diligently caring for a V.4 Tamagotchi for awhile now. I am rather stupidly proud of the fact that I have four generations of these little guys. Yesterday, I managed to get Tensaitchi, one of the three secret characters one can get in the game. This one […]

A link to, um…Link?

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Well…I was so disappointed when I learned that in “Twilight Princess,” Link spends time as a wolf. Cheap, I thought, I want to be Link Link! However…look what I find now… LINK IS SOOOOO PRETTY! *sigh* Time to start saving my pennies…I lose. I admit it; I lose. :)

Aliens! MPreg! I want!

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Okay…I don’t play the Sims, but my sister does. And if she doesn’t get this to happen…I may just die.   Any foolproof ways to get the alien baby that you know of? And what do you think of the names “Mobile Anastasia” if it’s a girl, and “Wing Headset” if it’s a boy? […]

I can cook!

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Happily enough, Present Ren is presumably sold. :) And new Sparrow should be on his way here Wednesday. Other than that, no news on the dolly front. In other news, I got “Cooking Mama” for DS. Oh my gosh! Too dorky and too cute! I’m loving it, mostly as a nostalgia-inducing tool for my time […]

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