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Where Can I Buy Hormone

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According to this report Where Can I Buy Hormone, released by the NEA, poetry reading is just...disappearing. The number of people reading poetry has decreased by half in the last 16 years, 200mg Hormone. Hormone uk, I am not surprised, to be honest; fiction is, 1000mg Hormone, 150mg Hormone, in general, a more easily-consumable readable, Hormone paypal, 250mg Hormone, and with busy lives and jobs, most people are not looking to be befuddled by the book in their hands that they picked up to forget the world for a moment.  Fiction can be beautiful, Hormone mexico, Hormone overseas, but nothing loves words as much as a poem. No one seduces words like a real poet, 10mg Hormone. Hormone australia, People are so afraid of poetry. Yes, yes, it's the awful presentation in school, the awkward reading aloud with dreadful line breaks added in like forced breaths, Where Can I Buy Hormone. It's the old, Hormone canada, Hormone usa, 'dead' names, the rhyming schemes, 20mg Hormone. Hormone coupon, There's the deep personal tone that suffuses a poem that perhaps readers are frightened of, a level of soul that maybe readers don't feel they should touch, 500mg Hormone. Hormone india, I think it's a fine line in poetry, the edges of the poet's soul exposed but not the center, Hormone us. 100mg Hormone, Maybe with the poetry posted online by friends, some readers feel that they can't really read it because they do know the poet and they're afraid of what may feel like a personal invasion, 30mg Hormone. Where Can I Buy Hormone, I love words. 750mg Hormone, As I've said before, I taste them when I say them outloud, Hormone japan. Hormone ebay, Crimson, perspicacious, 50mg Hormone, Hormone craiglist, swallow. I'm a poet, 40mg Hormone, even when I'm not writing. When I was in my first contemporary poetry class in my undergrad studies, I was called up by the prof after class one day. He was handing back a paper I'd written on a poem; I was a tad nervous, as I'd sort of summoned the interpretation of the poem out of thin air (ahem, as I hadn't done the reading the night before), Where Can I Buy Hormone. He asked me if I wanted to participate in a poetry reading the next week. I must have sort of stared at him.

"How did you know I wrote poetry?" I asked. It was my first class with him. Where Can I Buy Hormone, He smiled and handed back my paper. The poem was "Evening Hawk" by Robert Penn Warren.

"I read your paper. Only a poet writes about poems like that."

Do me a favor, anyone who reads this. Go and find a poem. Read it. Read it twice, pretty please. And then come back and post what it was here, so that I can look it up, so that other people can read it.

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Discount Medrol

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Discount Medrol, Found this article in Newsweek concerning the thin line of shocking art, art that attempts to 'create a dialogue' but ends up a sort of childish squabble field. 150mg Medrol,

This is something I've considered at length, the lengths to which an artist should go to create a piece that is shocking and discourse-engendering without crossing the boundaries of humanity, 10mg Medrol. 1000mg Medrol, Some of these examples in the article, like the dubiously-named 'art' of the Nicaraguan artist who chained up a starving dog just out of reach of food, 50mg Medrol, Medrol uk, seems to lose its place as art and descend into cruelty. This is a far cry from opening dialogue; to me, Medrol ebay, Medrol usa, it's the artist placing himself above the rest of the world, a god of 'inspiration' and 'wisdom' who can play with all elements without any identifying with his audience, 750mg Medrol. 500mg Medrol, Hurting someone or something else to make a statement. Um...what, Discount Medrol.

If you lose your audience, Medrol mexico, Medrol india, your art loses meaning. I firmly believe that art, Medrol paypal, Medrol us, any kind of art, is a conversation, 250mg Medrol, Medrol overseas, not a lecture. Your piece speaks, 100mg Medrol, 20mg Medrol, and something in the listener, viewer, Medrol coupon, Medrol japan, reader, whomever, 30mg Medrol, Medrol craiglist, something has to resonate and that's the answer. That's the 'dialogue, Medrol australia, 40mg Medrol, ' the real one. If you shout at your audience and they turn away from you because you have shown yourself to be inhuman...your art has failed, Medrol canada. 200mg Medrol.

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Hints for Dolpa 18?

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The official page for the Christmas Tokyo Dolpa is up, though of course, there’s not really anything on it yet. Volks just loves to make us wait and worriedly finger our moth-ridden wallets in fear. Just looking at the logo, however, I think know one of the dolls. Continuing on with the faerie tale theme, […]

Some few frustrations

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So, I’m here, still alive. Updated Wordpress…not sure what all it does now, but let me know if anything shows up weird. :)  Not so much as a nibble for the Yder or the Ando. *sigh* I know it’s a bad season to sell dolls, but I would really like to sell these guys so […]

Petitions and Pathos

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I’ve noticed more and more petitions creeping their way onto DoA, especially since Kallisti’s famous success with bringing Masha to American soil. While that petition was done with much sensitivity, trepidation, and passion, these new ones are basically people choosing for the company what it should put out next. What would best suit some random […]


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Imagine I just said the title in the whiniest voice you can summon up. :) You may notice there have been no doll pictures lately. With this mandatory overtime at work, I’m just too exhausted when I get home. Don’t give up hope! Capt. Tip is still waiting for a grand photoshoot. He’s actually been […]

True Love

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Well, before my weekend imploded, I had a lovely Saturday. The morning was spent in the artistic, scientific, and ghastly presence of dead bodies, at the Our Bodies exhibit at the science museum. I’m sure you’ve seen examples of this…where the preservers replace the fluids and fat in human bodies with polycarbon material to make […]

Hooooooo hum

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Mm…not feeling the best today. The very hot weather leaves me languid and sleepy, since I don’t sleep well at night even in air conditioniong. It’s as though I know it’s hot outside. I want to take some pictures of Willow…he has eyelashes in (finally!) and a new shirt that I’ve waited years to get. […]

Dollie update

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Subject A) The ED #39 did not work in JB, so we will be putting them in the wee Senator  tomorrow. They should actually make him match his big brother Twist’s Droprops better, so that’s fine. It has been determined that JB can only wear 18mm eyes. Subject B) Where on earth are those danged […]

Consumption for the Common Man

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Just some links that I can go back to later on for my research: Tuberculosis in History and Art Tuberculosis in Literature I need to start working on my article…which means I should find those notes I had when I was reading Henry James in class. I think that’s the class I was in where […]

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