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Mostly Head- Welcome, Gui!

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Well, our chinchilla Ash got his Christmas present early… A baby brother! Please meet the Marquis des Guimauves, a two-month old little baby boy. He’s a sable/ violet carrier pretty little pedigree baby. Inquisitive, affectionate…and a little dumb. Let’s just say it took us dumping him into the dust bath for him to figure out […]

Baby Joe Ash

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Oh, the life of my chinchilla! I don’t write about him, even though he’s a constant fluffy little presence in my life. He’s so hard to fathom; from one day to the next he can change his attitude towards various foods, various people, and how much he likes the set up of his cage. He […]

Roaming Frogs and Perching Chins

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Well…my frog is at my parents’ house. Unfortunately, the weather could go either way at this point, so traveling to Buffalo was a bit ill-advised. My dad is going to mail Kurt to me…so look  for pictures on Monday. Of course this means we’ll have to go to Buffalo on a different weekend so I […]

Dustbath Time!

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Well, tonight was Lord Ashbury’s first foray into the fine dustbaths of Chez Housepartment. His lordship had a jolly time, kicking up his chinchinilly heels. When his little lordship was done, he was loathe to leave said baths and a merry chase ensued. A fine time was had by all. And his lordship looked devilish […]

New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Get Behind!

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Story of my life! Heh, I’m late for everything. I was actually born a month late (my poor mother), and it really set the tone of the next however many years I have coming to me. First of all, Happy New Year! I hope this bright and fresh 2007 doesn’t get as tattered and stained […]

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