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Bit of an update

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Well…I see how long it’s been since I posted and figure I might as well put something up here. I’ve been a bit uninterested in many of my hobbies lately and stupidly stressed at work. (I’m playing catch up for the girl who had the position before me. Then everytime I get nearly caught up, […]


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Isn’t that a grand number? It means that in this second NHL playoffs series, the Sabres have won 2 games and the NY Rangers have won ZERO! We sent the NY Islanders off to the early spring golf courses, and we’re going to send their other New York brethren off to join them. There’s only […]

What would you call fan songs…

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About hockey players? Filk just doesn’t seem to cover it. Anyway, these songs are from a contest on WGR550, the local station that covers the Sabres games in Buffalo. Basically, fans made songs about the Sabres, to the tunes of such well beloved hits as Sublime’s “Santeria” and the ever popular “Safety Dance.” Andi, Kyle […]

Ah, Life…

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Oh, the confusion! Went home this weekend to finally visit my family; I hadn’t seen them in a month, and I really missed the bustle of home. Dad was very eager for me to visit, and I was very eager to go! He cooked such delectables, though I’m nearly inconsolable about forgetting the chili that […]

That’s my boy!

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What? The Sabres aren’t up to snuff? They’re going on and on and on about the great Sidney Crosby? *double barfy cats on them* Click on the pic to read how Daniel Briere was the All Star MVP! Heh, he’s my fav player, so I’m a tad excited. :)

New NHL Uniforms: Sleek and Sexy!

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You know that I looooooooove my hockey. But like many other hockey fans, I’m rather resistant to change. Took me awhile to get the hang of the new rules (the trapezoid? wtf?), and it took the Sabres having a league-tying winning streak for me to ameliorate myself to the idea of the Buffaslug as our […]

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