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For Sarah

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Friends are what you make of them, so make sure you love them. Be they frosting or resin, we’re all green and growing at heart.

Horn and Hoof, Web and Wet

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My camera battery dying slowly, I managed to get a few pictures of Adriel and Ko-ax together. Koko is quite a challenge to photograph; I look at his face and consider the perfect angle, yet the camera’s lens never manages to get that precise look that I’d thought I had. In any event, I’m delighted […]

Overcast Froggie

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Well, as I said, the weather is truly abysmal today, dark and gloomy with a tiny bit of grey light to actually illuminate the apartment. I tried to get a few pics, though they are far from stellar. I’m hoping that maybe tomorrow will be a little sunnier. I wish there was some sort of […]

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