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It seems I’m always waiting for the mail…

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Despite the Sabres  loss last night to the stinky old Rangers (that last one was a goal, dangit!), my mug arrived today in perfect condition. It is seriously the brightest pink you could imagine, hehe. I’m so charmed by its rosy slugness. I don’t know whether I want to take it to work or keep […]

Hunting for a wig

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Be vewy vewy quiet…;) I’m looking for a long pile white fur wig for my Bambicrony. If you have one hanging around, or can direct me to someone who makes high quality, decently priced ones, please let me know! Thanks! It’s driving me insane to look at Ninam wearing the Rengemaru default wig. The drowling […]

Lookit the ickle drow baby!

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Well…he’s a little more purple than I had hoped, but he’s beyond charming, Please meet Ninam, in the only picture that came out in the failing light of this Friday evening. Ninam isn’t a character I ever would have really considered getting. He’s three-quarter drow, a wonderful dancer, and not…quite so chibi. :) He’s an […]

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