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Buy Levaquin Over The Counter

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Buy Levaquin Over The Counter, Oh, how I want want want this scent.

The Malignant Dreams of Cthulu in Love


Click on the link for all the info, Levaquin paypal, Levaquin canada, but the short description is "an amorphous mix of oppressive, piceous ritual incense, Levaquin usa, 100mg Levaquin, macerated kelp, sea salt, 500mg Levaquin, Levaquin ebay, sticky dark ocean plants, and.., 250mg Levaquin. 30mg Levaquin, mixed chocolates." It's a BPAL/ ThinkGeek scent.

Unfortunately, Levaquin india, Levaquin coupon, this can never be mine, because whatever BPAL uses as their chocolate base always smells like nasty fermenty yeast on me, Levaquin uk. 20mg Levaquin,, I love the bottle art, 10mg Levaquin. Levaquin japan. 200mg Levaquin. 50mg Levaquin. 1000mg Levaquin. 150mg Levaquin. Levaquin mexico. Levaquin australia. Levaquin us. Levaquin craiglist. 750mg Levaquin. Levaquin overseas. 40mg Levaquin.

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Buy Toradol No Prescription

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Buy Toradol No Prescription, So, I finally got a perfect BPAL trade for my full bottle of To Autumn. I was so excited to get Lawn Gnome; I immediately applied it, 200mg Toradol, 30mg Toradol, sniffing the bottle happily.

Ugh, 50mg Toradol. 750mg Toradol, On me, this was quite possibly the worst perfume in the world, Toradol canada. Toradol ebay, So, it's up for sale or trade, Toradol overseas. Toradol mexico, Selling it for $18, trading it...well, Toradol australia, Toradol usa, offer me something. :) Spicy scents work best on me, 250mg Toradol, 10mg Toradol, I find.

Boooooo, Toradol us. Toradol japan. Toradol uk. 1000mg Toradol. Toradol coupon. Toradol craiglist. Toradol india. 500mg Toradol. 40mg Toradol. 20mg Toradol. 150mg Toradol. 100mg Toradol. Toradol paypal.

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No chocolate for me

Perfume| 4 Comments »

I’ve tried several BPAL chocolate scents, with increasingly higher hopes, and each one has turned into a nasty wheaty/ creamy/ floral on me. Bliss went that way very very quickly. The cinnamon in El Dia del Reyes made it a tad more palatable for a bit, but it became the same yuckiness. I have Gluttony […]

Caramel corn and plagiarism.

Author as Self, Disgust, HAHAHAHA, Linkies, Perfume| 3 Comments »

First off, for all my fellow scent-o-philes, can anyone recommend a soap and/ or body lotion that has a good caramel corn scent to it? I’m using Roommate’s Temptation series Crazy Caramel Corn from Bath and Body Works, and I’m just really loving it and wanting more in the same vein. And for the plagiarism, […]

A bright spot!

Odd Junkets, Perfume, Yay!| 3 Comments »

I heard from Double Decker and they confirmed my order! I just need them to send me their Paypal address and I’m good to go! In other news, with the Lupercalia BPAL release, I’m not sure if I’m really grabbed by any of the scents. I predicted that with the carnality of the feast, they […]

BPAL: Port Royal

Perfume| 2 Comments »

The BPAL order that Roommate and I made about a month ago finally arrived on Friday. Two of the bottles I ordered were another Samhain and then a full bottle of Absinthe, which I adore. I was also very pleased that Gingerbread Poppet doesn’t have that weird buttery smell that so often ruins the pleasantry […]

BPAL: The Apothecary

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I promise that my next post, regardless of content, will have nothing to do with perfume whatsoever. I was just looking over my last few posts and yikes… I guess this week hasn’t really been a truly fascinating one, no dolls news, no books news, nothing as I try to save money until my vacation […]

BPAL: Jabberwocky

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This scent is from Roommate’s stash and was a split second decision on the way out the door this morning. From the Mad Tea Party set, the scent is described as “An earthy yet buoyant scent: pine, eucalyptus and orange.” I smell like a cleaning fluid. I mostly get pine out of this perfume, more […]

BPAL: The Temptation

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Coming out of BPAL’s Love Potions and Roommate’s little bag of imps, this perfume is not one I would have ordinarily tried out, but I’m glad I decided that it smelled good this morning. It’s described as “An expression of adoration and passion, and of beauty that transcends mortal desire and piques the interest of […]

BPAL: Hellcat

Perfume| 5 Comments »

Well, I’ve gone through all of my imp’s ears, so now Roommate and I are trading and seeing if the other ordered anything tempting. Today I tried Hellcat, from the Diabolus, collections, described by the website as: “A soft, sensual, luxuriant blend with a wicked bite: hazelnut, buttercream, honey mead, rum and sweet almond.”  This […]

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