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Where Can I Buy Buspar

Maddy, Shout, Yay!| 2 Comments »

Where Can I Buy Buspar, Let this year be the one that lets us all look back and say "This year, we were loved."


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No RX Celexa

Maddy| 1 Comment »

No RX Celexa, I'll get out of my cage too, Maddy.



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Discount Flovent

Maddy| 4 Comments »

Discount Flovent, I've actually had him almost a week now, but hadn't gotten around to pictures. Some of these pics were used for the Vita Ersatz theme (undies!) today, 250mg Flovent, Flovent uk, so I apologize is anyone is bored with my new little cat pig.

I've wanted Yuki since the little angel came out, Flovent craiglist. Flovent coupon, Never got one, never got one...then WHITE Yuki came out and I was head over heels, 150mg Flovent. 100mg Flovent, Didn't think I'd ever have that sort of luck.

Thanks to a trade and some crazy dollie character shifting, 1000mg Flovent, Flovent mexico, Maddy Vraniel is now a white skinned little terror. With wings, Flovent paypal. Flovent india, maddy-skivvies1.jpg

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Plavix For Sale

Gen, Maddy, New stuff, Photoshoots| 2 Comments »

Plavix For Sale, These pictures aren't the best, but at least they have the distinction of having been taken by me. :) The pics also show off the Mio shirt purchased for Sparrow and stolen by Maddy, 750mg Plavix, Plavix craiglist, as well as Maddy's new goggles to match daddy Gen. Click for full size if my blog resizes them oddly, 200mg Plavix. 40mg Plavix, :)

"Between the dark and the daylight,
When the night is beginning to lower, Plavix india, 20mg Plavix, Comes a pause in the day's occupations,
That is known as the Children's Hour, 150mg Plavix. 250mg Plavix, "

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




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Frills like Papa

Maddy, New stuff, Poet| 5 Comments »

Thanks to thesaraghina, I finally finally had another doll dream come true. Little Maddy is now the proud owner of his own A-Life Garden shirt. He’s especially pleased because he matches Poet, and what little boy doesn’t want to match his witty and lyrical Papa? Pictures taken by Armeleia, posing and, ahem, light holding by […]

Candy Time!

Constantine, Maddy, Yay!| 2 Comments »

Well, that’s all these little guys are thinking about anyway. Their parents clicked some quick photos before the little group of terrors rushed out to trick -or-treat their way around the neighborhood. Constantine made Daddy Apollo proud this year in his little surgeon costume. He intends to dissect every candy bar he gets in. He […]

Sing unto me, Madrigal!

Dolpa, Maddy, Yay!| 1 Comment »

Finally, finally, the littlest Vraniel is home! Please meet Madrigal Vraniel, demonbred baby of Gen Vraniel and Poet (who needs to have his picture taken, yikes!). Look forward to full family pictures when Gen’s Peroth head gets here (like, Christmas time at this rate). Madrigal is named for Poet’s Narhwelian heritage, a culture which spends […]

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