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Toprol For Sale, (More of me learning some photography...your patience requested!)

There's a reason you should never ever interrupt a master assassin when he's matter what temptations lie before you. Jet should know this, Toprol mexico. 50mg Toprol, He's lived with Threnody long enough to know better.


The rest of the hilarity below the cut.., 10mg Toprol. 500mg Toprol, tj2









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"Assassination has never changed the history of the world." - Benjamin Disraeli

thren-neweyes Discount Norvasc, Oh yeah.

Threnody has beautiful beautiful new Silver eyes...unfortunately, Norvasc us, Norvasc canada, the snazzy filter hides the color, lol, 750mg Norvasc. 100mg Norvasc, Here's the original pic.


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Antabuse For Sale, So, you may remember Threnody, back when he was a Migidoll Miho. And then he was an Ego Project Yeon, 150mg Antabuse. Antabuse usa, But the right amount of sharp anger just wasn't there.

It's here now, Antabuse canada. 10mg Antabuse, bokehthren1

thren3 thren21 thren1

Threnody is a Volks Cristal on the Yugiri body.

Faceup: Armeleia

Wig: Volks Amelia mohair

Eyes: Yo tenshi BW Yuki default

Now if only I could get Jet to work out for him...*sigh*, 200mg Antabuse. 500mg Antabuse. Antabuse paypal. Antabuse japan. 1000mg Antabuse. Antabuse craiglist. Antabuse us. Antabuse coupon. 20mg Antabuse. 50mg Antabuse. Antabuse mexico. Antabuse india. Antabuse uk. Antabuse australia. 40mg Antabuse. Antabuse overseas. Antabuse ebay. 750mg Antabuse. 250mg Antabuse. 30mg Antabuse. 100mg Antabuse.

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Odd Junkets, RL, Tasty yum yums, Threnody| 2 Comments »

Buy Actos Over The Counter, Gah...this cereal is the most boring cereal I've had in awhile. 500mg Actos, Just not a huge fan of cinnamon Life cereal...I think I like the original kind better.

The dishwasher is loud and slow, 200mg Actos. Actos us, I need to be about making my French stew.

And in dollie news...hahaha, 10mg Actos, 40mg Actos, wait until you see Threnody. ;)

And lastly, I've been thinking of taking a page out of Twotone's book and posting a pic of something from each day, buy Actos Over The Counter. Trying to find something unique to do, 30mg Actos, Actos uk, see, think about, Actos canada. 50mg Actos, Do you think I should. I'm not a great photographer, Actos ebay, Actos india, and don't have a fascinating life, but when I see baby woodchucks on a walk or Truffle comes nose to nose with an unblinking green frog by the canal, 1000mg Actos, Actos australia, I think I should have a camera with me. Thoughts, 150mg Actos. Actos overseas. Actos craiglist. Actos coupon. 100mg Actos. Actos usa. Actos paypal. 250mg Actos. Actos japan. 20mg Actos. 750mg Actos. Actos mexico.

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Buy Buspar No Prescription, Threnody is an interesting character for me because he's always angry. Even when something good happens, 10mg Buspar, Buspar canada, he acts as though whatever it is has annoyed him. He's trained himself not to smile or laugh, Buspar mexico. 40mg Buspar, However, when people see him, 750mg Buspar, Buspar coupon, they don't expect such sourness from such a delicate-seeming person. Threnody's wild, Buspar ebay, Buspar craiglist, soft curls, body that unfortunately requires him to get girls' trousers, 1000mg Buspar, Buspar usa, and diminutive stature lead them to expect a milder personality.

And if they say so, Buspar overseas, Buspar paypal, that's usually when their hair is suddenly on fire.



Threnody is an Ego Project Yeon with an Armeleia faceup, 30mg Buspar. Buspar japan, His shirt and cords are by Mio. 50mg Buspar. Buspar us. 100mg Buspar. 250mg Buspar. 200mg Buspar. Buspar australia. 20mg Buspar. Buspar uk. 500mg Buspar. Buspar india. 150mg Buspar.

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New stuff, Threnody| 3 Comments »

Where Can I Buy Avodart, I guess I'm finally going to introduce this grumpy boy...even though technically I got him quite a while ago. 10mg Avodart, Well, that is to say he started out his character existence as a Migidoll Miho, 30mg Avodart, Avodart overseas, who I thought was THE perfect sculpt for him. Which I was obviously mistaken about, 100mg Avodart, Avodart japan, because really, he was meant to be an Ego Project Yeon, Avodart uk. Avodart paypal, Meet Threnody, which may not be his real name, 40mg Avodart, 1000mg Avodart, but that's not information you're privileged enough to know and continue to live while you know.



Threnody is the reason assassins get such a bad name, 750mg Avodart. A fire mage who really knows how to either clean up a kill or make sure it's found while being all sorts of symbolic, Thren has always been used to being challenged for being the best, and to date, he's never lost that spot, Where Can I Buy Avodart. 50mg Avodart, Maybe he had another persona working as a representative for the Spy Collegiate, maybe he had another persona working underground wearing those itty bitty shorts before gouging someone's eyes out with the closest office supply, Avodart canada, 150mg Avodart, maybe he was the blond with the hots for his liaison, maybe he was just some guy with a number for a name who happened to be able to make a fantastic Caesar salad, Avodart coupon. Avodart craiglist, At the End of the World, Threnody's learned that trust is something that, Avodart australia, 200mg Avodart, while given sparingly, does sometimes need to be given, Avodart india. Avodart mexico, While he's not going to march around announcing who he is, he's learning a balance as an assassin, 250mg Avodart, Avodart ebay, a trainer, and maybe someone the little kids like to follow around, Avodart usa. 20mg Avodart, And maybe that's not so bad either. Just because part of you dies, 500mg Avodart, Avodart us, doesn't mean it's the real you.

Sculpt: Ego Project Yeon + Yugiri body

Faceup: Armeleia

Wig: Volks Amelia

Eyes: 16.. HG Glass Smoke Olive with Black Line (BW Yuki default).

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