It's taken me forever to get these pictures, but please meet Willow. Willow is one of the best suited inmates of the Stardust Asylum. A seer from birth, he never fit into the community of the Dream House. More roudy, more angry, more interested in forbidden topics. Louder, hardier, more intense. His fall from grace didn't take away his visions; they were intensified and uncontrollable, all terrifying in red and black, fire and death. Here at the end of the World, Willow seeks to find his way in a future that, like Cassandra, he'd always predicted but no one had ever heeded. His faceup is by the amazing Armeleia, who put up with my very very picky demands for Willow's faceup. (And yes...his eyelashes are here, but we forgot to put them in. *blush*) willow-noeyelashes3.jpg willow-noeyelashes2.jpg willow-noeyelashes5.jpg willow-noeyelashes6.jpg willow-noeyelashes4.jpg Crossposted to DoA Here.