While Willow is always a work in progress, with new charms, beads, and ribbons always seeming to find their homes with him, I wanted to share how he is at the moment. His wig is self-destroyed; the charm with beads caught in the left side was made by Armeleia. His necklaces were made by myself, Armeleia, and the beautiful orange pendant was the work of the very talented Wildflower. Willow is a great lover of bright things; they take him away from the darkness in his head. However, he doesn't like things that sparkle. The connotations only bring out his urge to break them. When Willow is quiet, you can hear him move by the gentle clacking of his beads and the music of the charms and bells in his hair. And that may be all the warning you get before he's screaming in the pain of his next vision. willowbeads3.jpg willowbeads5.jpg willowbeads14.jpg willowbeads10.jpg willowbeads16.jpg willowbeads12.jpg willowbeads4.jpg willowbeads9.jpg willowbeads7.jpg willowbeads8.jpg willowbeads1.jpg  willowbeads15.jpg