Under the Year King's tutelage, Willow has learned that autumn is the secret season. In the days when the winds grow cooler and the moments of night longer, the trees reveal to the rest of nature their hidden red and golds. Before huddling inwards for a cold winter, this last time is that of release. twiglingsweater3.jpg Willow knows the exact time and manner of his death. Sometimes he's terrified of it, and sometimes he looks forward to it excitedly. twiglingsweater4.jpg Willow pinches Orfeus' arms when he's angry with himself because seeing the small dark bruises on the younger seer's white arms is a punishment to himself. twiglingsweater6.jpg Willow has always liked to kick things because he thinks it's a safe way of attacking without being too close. twiglingsweater5.jpg Willow is terrified of water, which is one of the reasons he avoids bathing. twiglingsweater2.jpg Willow always knew he wouldn't remain a seer at the Dream House and he always knew it was because of a lover he shouldn't have had. However, he never foresaw the madness that would accompany his decision, or that his pre-destined lover would abandon him before they had ever touched. (Willow's sweater was knitted by the amazing Twigling...for Armeleia, heheh. It's Willow's now!)