Discount Vermox, Stemming from a discussion with my Roommate last night, I'm creating this meme. Fan-dolls are very interesting to me, having physical representations of beloved characters that one didn't create...making your own figurine. I find that in the community, 750mg Vermox, many of the fan dolls I see are representations of anime characters or Asian pop stars. I've always been more moved by books, 250mg Vermox, and had some fun last night considering beloved characters and how they'd be represented in resin...and in some cases, how the resin just couldn't contain the character, or I found I just couldn't verbally describe my mental image of the character. I'd really love to hear some thoughtful answers to this, 20mg Vermox. If you are so inclined to post it to your LJ or blog, please leave me a link in the comments here, Discount Vermox. I'm really interested in people's answers. I'm not so into fan-dolls myself (though I have nothing against other people having them!), Vermox us, but I found it a fun imagination exercise. I get very attached to lit characters, and found it more challenging to resin-ify them than I'd otherwise admit. :)


Not-Your-Character Doll Meme

1, Vermox craiglist. Discount Vermox, List three favorite characters from books that you would love to have in doll form. Give a little explanation about why you'd want that character and what doll/ clothes/ accessories you'd use.

2. 500mg Vermox, List three favorite characters from other media (comic books, video games, movies, etc) you would love to have in doll form, 50mg Vermox. Give a little explanation about why you'd want that character and what doll/ clothes/ accessories you'd use.

My answers below the cut.., Discount Vermox.

Book Characters

1. 1000mg Vermox, The Harlequin from "Repent, Harlequin, Said the Tick-Tock Man." This character is one of my all-time heroes; the fun he brings to fighting an oppressive regime remind me why I'm the jester in tense situations.  I had to comb my brain deeply for a description of this guy, though, Vermox japan, and I think the closest I came was a tan Volks F-17, because of his smile. 150mg Vermox, While his gold tooth wouldn't show, I could get him a cheap red wig (so it would stick out appropriately) and his motley suit. And I'd definitely need BJD-scale jelly beans. Discount Vermox, Definitely.

2, 100mg Vermox. Twig from "Beyond the Deepwoods" by Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart. I have actually tried twice to have a doll of this charming little miscreant, Vermox paypal, a 1/6 dollfie and a Wishel. I love Twig because, as a child hero, he isn't afraid to call for help when he's in over his head, Vermox overseas, but isn't afraid of taking responsibility. His self-affirming claim at the end of the book ("I am something," Twig called out, Discount Vermox. "I am someone. Vermox canada, I am Twig, who strayed from the path and travelled beyond the Deepwoods. I AM MEEEEEEEE!") accepts responsibility for his actions, good and bad, Vermox usa. Love this boy. Discount Vermox, And his little beaded braids. This lad would have to be another tan one, Vermox ebay, in the style of perhaps Dollstown, maybe a Yeondu boy. But I would love to get all his charms...and maybe make his skypirate outfit later on. Also would need to find a long pile black fur wig so I could put all those little beaded tails all over his head, Vermox australia.

3.  Hamlet from, er..."Hamlet." I've always loved this poor Renaissance prince caught up in his medieval family drama. His indecision and guilt over that indecision is so akin to what I wrestle with at times, Discount Vermox. 40mg Vermox, For the Danish prince, sleek blond wig, too bright blue eyes. I think Souldoll Osu would be akin to my mental picture of him.., 200mg Vermox.

Other Media Characters

1. Near from "Deathnote." He's just my type of character, Vermox coupon, little and clever...and dresses in his pyjamas all the time. Discount Vermox, Such an easy doll to dress. I love the visual of his always-dilated pupils and small whiteness. I think I'd go for a Kid Delf for him, Kid Delf Cherry, 10mg Vermox. Custom EDs, no pupil and then a gradation from black out to blue. Vermox india, Not sure how that would work, exactly.

2, Discount Vermox. Vincent Valentine from "Final Fantasy VII." Sure, everyone loves Vincent maybe I sound cliche, Vermox mexico. But I've loved his character since the game came out...and played it expressly to get him into my party. I know that lots of people have VV dolls now, Vermox uk, with the Minimee and all, but I think I would use a white Breakaway. And I would have Armeleia mod his hand so he actually had his nice gold claw. Discount Vermox, 3.  The Midnighter from "The Authority" comic series. Granted, 30mg Vermox, this would necessitate getting an Apollo doll as well, but I can't help but think our dear solar-powered friend would look silly in his white unitard as a doll. Whereas the Midnighter...if I could get someone to make his outfit correctly, how cool would he look. I think he'd have to be Akando, with that beautiful mouth (since that's about all you see of his face when in his costume) and that big muscle build. This comes with the disclaimer that I, er...would be terrified of having a doll that big, but since this is simply imagination, I'm doing just fine.

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