No RX Xopenex, Keep an eye out for attempted New Year's resolutions tomorrow (to be honest, I don't know why I bother, lol). For now, Xopenex japan, Xopenex uk, here's the year of my blog. That's right, Xopenex australia, Xopenex canada, 2008 seen through the lens of the first sentence of the first and last post of each month as well as a good reminder pic of the month. Enjoy, 200mg Xopenex. Xopenex craiglist, January 2008 

-Well…to start off the new year right, I think I’m behind on every single bloody resolution, 40mg Xopenex.

-Thank you so much, DoA, for your patience and generosity, No RX Xopenex. 150mg Xopenex,

February 2008

-Okay…dinner today took…heh, a while to make and cost more than if I’d just gone out, 10mg Xopenex. 1000mg Xopenex, -I think…I think Versai’s coming home.

March 2008

-Told to smell like flowers, Xopenex usa, Xopenex india, -Please meet Versai, Prince and Princess of Narhwel, 500mg Xopenex. 30mg Xopenex,

April 2008

-Versai, prince that he is, 750mg Xopenex, 20mg Xopenex, is rather set on being spoiled. No RX Xopenex, -Blah…today was an utterly boring, soul-suckingly boring, day.

May 2008

-I’ve been away with a mixture of frantic activity and apathy, Xopenex paypal, 250mg Xopenex, so the blog life has suffered, alas, Xopenex overseas. Xopenex mexico, -Versai’s getting ready for his journey to Dolpa, which includes trying out Willow’s Yugiri body, Xopenex coupon. Xopenex ebay,

June 2008

-Why am I having such a hard time getting ready for Dolpa this year.

-Versai got a…ahem, Xopenex us, 100mg Xopenex, I got a present from a dear friend.

July 2008

-“Morning, morning,” John Barleycorn murmured, looking down at the dried blood on his hands, No RX Xopenex.

-While this week is shaping up amongst the worst, 50mg Xopenex, particularly relating to work, I received one of the prettiest gifts ever.

August 2008

-Everyone’s checking their order status on Volks for the lottery…and I can’t get to my status page to look because the freaking link is in my e-mail and Gmail has chosen NOW to go kablooey.

-Boy, I really missed him.

September 2008

-“There’s nothing kosher about the Pom: this is a real ham of a dog!”

-Life is a series of stresses lately, not least the 780 point drop on Wall Street today (remember, I work for a broker dealer).

October 2008 No RX Xopenex, -Well…I managed to bully past another fear and went to the dentist’s for a cleaning today.

-As a reward to myself for surviving my root canal, I waited to open Versai’s Dino Maroon dress until yesterday when I got home from the dentist.

November 2008

-Well, just had what I thought would be the second half of my root canal.

-Bring on the bleach.

December 2008

-Was just sitting here, writing a bit of a novel, listening to some music on iTunes.

-While it it dependent on the promise of treats, and we have to be right near her to have her listen and obey, Truffle knows what “sit” means.

Happy New Year. Welcome, 2009.

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