This story takes place in a future where the government controls all aspects of peoples' lives...and while the degree of control is unknown to anyone not in the Inner Party, citizens of the world are content knowing that they'll be able to live safely, pursuing their dearest interests and talents. In search of the perfect human, researchers create 'freaks,' living experiments with aspects of plants, animals, computers, or just silly fantasy master's projects. apollo-redone.jpg Name: Dr. Apollo Melmoth Sculpt: Volks SD13 Kohya v.1 Wig: Altered Volks W-108D-613 Ivory Eyes: Zoukeimoura 18mm GE-15 (Neosium) Faceup/Modifications: Eyes/lips modded by Armeleia to have a more Western look Species: Human (S) Age: 24 Personality/History: Apollo is a frigid research scientist, working at Hypsych, the largest Abnormal Human Studies facility in the future United States. He's an East Coaster, upper class child prodigy who's now ensconced on the West Coast. Full of neuroses, high-handed brilliance, and insults for, well, everyone, he nonetheless against his will fell in love with Rory Strate. Vitriolically opposed to marriage, he refuses a wedding but has a four-year-old son with Rory; little Constantine was bioengineered as a symbol of his love. He is respected by his colleagues, even as they shake their heads at him, though through his family unit of Rory and little Constantine, he's learning not to consider all other people below him. Occupation: Researcher/surgeon constantinenakayoshi1.jpg Name: Constantine Melmoth-Strate Sculpt: Volks Yo-SD Rengemaru Wig: Audrey's cheap auburn one Eyes: 16mm ED Sweeties #21 Faceup/Modifications: Default faceup Species: Human (S) Age: 4 Personality/History: Constantine is the lab-created darling son of Apollo Melmoth and Rory Strate. While Apollo couldn't use all of Rory's advanced memory genes, Constantine still has a remarkably mature intelligence for his age. He's a sincere, intense child with a loud way of letting everyone know his opinions. He also has a special talent for repeating things he's heard said in the most inappropriate situations. The three things that make it onto every wishlist of his are, in no particular order: a puppy, his parents getting married, a baby brother. His favorite movie is Disney's "Hercules," which he thinks is about his parents. He's overall a lively child with a very broad vocabulary and a huge capacity for making other people smile. Or want to sink into the floor at parties. Occupation: n/a