This world is a creation of HalloSpaceCat, my sister. It involved a magic forest, where anything carved from the trees comes to life. The woods are full of mystical creatures, each with his or her own secrets and magic. KoAdriel4.jpg < ![endif]--> Name: Adriel Sculpt: Souldoll Harang head/Volks MSD girl torso/Armeleia sculpted faun legs Wig: Armeleia-made fur wig Eyes: 16mm HG glass B.Pale Purple Faceup/Modifications: Faun ears/unicorn horn, faun legs all by Armeleia Species:Unicorn creature Age: Ageless Personality/History: Adriel is one of the last of a peaceful race;these creatures have with more in common with horses than men. He has a mild outlook and will do nearly anything to avoid a fight. He'd rather walk away then be drawn into an uncomfortable discussion, and often uses his powerful legs to get him as far from a situation that he perceives as stress as he can get. Suffice it to say he's constantly questing, though he isn't as desperate to find answers as others may be. SDCKurt 004.jpg < ![endif]--> Name: Ko-ax Sculpt: Volks SDC Kurt Wig: Default Kurt mohair (blond with green roots) Eyes: HG Glass 14mm Grey-Green Faceup/Modifications: Volks default Species: Poison dart frog Age: ? Personality/History: Ko-ax is a frog prince...not a human prince turned into a frog, but an amphibious prince in his own right. He claims to be a poison frog, though no evidence to this end has been seen. He's adept at finding mischief in the otherwise peaceful, pastoral realm he's come to call home. He has a ready smile, but it seems to hide many secrets in the corners. He's very interested in what lays beyond the forest, but he hasn't braved the borders quite yet.