They are Geran, a race similar to humans, but longer lived and with the potential for magic. The countries that make up their world are reminiscent of some of our own: icy and beautiful Narhwel with its frilly court and tall blond aristos; peaceful island Roanisle with its dark-skinned, laid back spiritualists; fiesty democratic Eroya with its black-haired, energetic populace; jaded and graceful Girishya, pale delicate people walking the line of tradition and technology. One morning in late winter, some few woke up, and the rest of the world was gone. Why are they the ones left, and what sort of culture will they build for themselves, rising out of the ashes of nations and voices and faces? In their quiet world of jerkily-moving engines and science-like magic, new tribes creep forward and play at dominance, friendship, power, religion, cruelty, invention, family, and love. ----------------------------------------------- The Station genagain3.jpg Name: Gen (Generosity) Vraniel Sculpt: Esthy's Peroth, white skin, on CP body Wig: Luts DW-44 milk Eyes: Zoukeimoura 16mm GE-07 Faceup/Modifications: Faceup and ear mods by Armeleia Nationality: Demonbred Age: 72 (34 in human years) Personality/History: Gen belongs to the Vraniel demon clan, a clan known for their scientific prowess and insurmountable stubbornness. He appears rather fragile, though he will never admit to any weakness and is stronger than many think. He is the only science mage to date who has actually created life. He had a patrician upbringing, though he didn't hesitate to take a lower class writer as a lover. At the end of the world, he has found a home at the Station, rejoining his creation, Sliver, as well as engaging in a demon pact to save the life of his consumptive younger brother, Silk. He views his life as being more unimportant than those of the ones he loves, much to their dismay. He has a calm outlook on life and is rarely swayed by public opinion. However, the opinion of Poet and baby Maddy sometimes seem a little more important these days. Occupation: Science mage [PENDING] Name: Poet Sculpt: PENDING Wig: Dollga LR035 Sandy Brown Eyes: Enchanted Doll 16mm #33 Faceup/Modifications: PENDING Nationality: Narhwel Age: he won't say Personality/History: Poet has always been afflicted by the Narhwel urge to wander. Bastard son of nobility, Poet's rebellious and democratic yearnings led him away from his icy home country to Eroya. The writer's witty pamphlets and tall curvy attracted many a lusty Eroen, but Poet stayed true to his beliefs, occupying a little garret as a study when not out reciting his works in coffee shops or attending rallies. In a coffee shop, he caught the eye of Gen Vraniel. They soon became lovers through the orchestrations of Gen's younger brother, Silk. When Gen's parents were killed in an accident and the inventor was cut off from the world, Poet moved into the big house on the hill to take care of him. At the End of the World, Poet has been dealing with what he's learned about himself and the revolution in Narhwel, as well as learning that maybe settling down as a father to the unexpected Maddy may not be the worst thing in the world. Occupation: Political satirist maddy1 Name: Madrigal Vraniel Sculpt: Volks BW Yo-tenshi Yuki Wig: White furwig Eyes: 16mm Gumdrops Parrot Red Faceup/Modifications: Faceup by Armeleia Nationality: Demonbred- Narhwel Age: 4 Personality/History: Madrigal is named for Poet’s Narhwel heritage, a culture which spends most of its time engaged in the arts, court intrigue, or brocade. Already nicknamed Maddy before he was born, he’s unsurprisingly more similar in looks to Gen. Demonbred genes are stronger than any other, his bright red eyes proclaim. His white hair is a sign that as a Vraniel clan member, he belongs to one of the fair demon clans, the second eldest of all the clans. At the end of the world, Maddy is a curious troublemaker with the Vraniel gift/ curse of an extremely, magical stubborn nature. Poet is slowly learning how to be a good father and not to fear settling down, while Gen is re-learning a love of spontaneity and life through the happy laughter of his son. Maddy likes toys that move on their own, chocolate in interesting shapes, and reading books with a parent on either side of him while he runs his finger along the words he thinks Poet is reading at any given moment. He loves when Gen explains nuclear fusion and steam pistons, when Poet sings him songs he’s written, and when Sliver holds him and plays plushies with him. At the End of the World, Maddy is the demon Progenitor’s gift to his children. sliver3.jpg Name: Sliver Vraniel Sculpt: Cerberus Project Kid Delf Ani boy Wig: Chopped custom blue/dark blue Acquire Eyes: ED custom pair Faceup/Modifications: Full body paint by Armeleia Nationality: ? Age: 4 Personality/History: Created by Gen out of magic cloth and a bit of his own permanent magic, Sliver is still a work in progress. He's mild mannered and simple, without the mental capacity to truly understand concepts like cruelty and romantic love. He speaks in short fragments and learns primarily to music. At the end of the world, he was separated from his creator and wandered aimlessly until he was found by someone at the Station. He'd been serving as a sort of little tailor/butler to Burgundy, until Gen returned. Now he's begun learning again and is more than happy to be back with his "Doctor." A gift from the Progenitor made this little ragdoll a true demonbred. What will this change for a boy who previously couldn't say 'no' to anyone, now blessed with the Vraniel gift of extreme stubbornness? Occupation: Lab assistant, tailor [Picture Printing] Name: Prinz Gamble Sculpt: Dollmore Narsha boy Wig: Dollga W-057 Whisper Blue Eyes: ED 14mm light blue Faceup/Modifications: Armeleia Species: Gero-Makarian Age: Died at 2 months, appears as a 6-year-old Personality/History: Prinz Gamble was a miracle baby, the result of a natural pregnancy between a Makarian, a race similar to the human-like Geran but differing in their ambigendered reproduction and wild magic, and a Geran. While Prinz Gamble was born healthy to Stationmaster Burgundy and Archive, his uneven magic burned him out very young, not an unusual thing among even pure Makarian children. Unable to re-enter the Makarian cycle of rebirth because of his Geran "taint," Prinz Gamble became a ghost at the Station. He's a very cheerful little thing, becoming the companion of any lonely or sleepless resident. He's a strange type of ghost, solid enough to be held by his parents but insubstantial enough to escape through walls if he's caught at his mischief making. He adores his older but smaller brother, Imp, and is often in long, complex conversations with him, part in Makarian, part in Geran, and part in a body language all their own. kun1.jpg Name: Orfeus Sculpt: Volks BW FCS F-22 SD10 boy Wig: Luts DW-104 Milk Eyes: S & K 18mm Water with White Pupil Faceup/Modifications: Faceup by Poppy Nationality: Girishyan Age: 23 Personality/History: Orfeus is a virgin seer, having seen a vision at the age of 3 of what the world would be like if he chose not to use his gift. He's lived his life in a community of seers deep in the mountains, honing his very strong gift with his aged mentor and his Interpreter. Shortly before the end of the world, Orfeus' Interpreter disappeared and his mentor brought him down out of the mountains into the city so that he would be found. Since then, he's lived at the Station, using his gift to aid Burgundy in forming their new world. He is a very naive, sweet boy, though recently he's coming into his own, gaining a new serenity and strength with the return of his Interpreter, Brandywine. He had been having trouble staying impartial to romance without the help of his herbal infusions, but with the re-addition of them, he is happier than he had been with the temptation. He is still learning to harness his own visions and relies heavily on Brandywine to guide him through them and to remember and translate them when he returns to the real world. Occupation: Seer brandywine2.jpg Name: Brandywine Elpais Sculpt: Napidoll Aesch Wig: Leeke L-029 Dark Silver Eyes: Zoukeimoura 16mm GE-07 Faceup/Modifications: Faceup by Armeleia Nationality: Demonbred Age: 90 Personality/History: Brandywine comes from the middle Demonbred clan; Elpais do not claim the light or dark, but maintain their mildly mocking balance. A collective consciousness, Elpais are telepathic and can easily manipulate the minds of other Geran. They are easily identified by the rune on their foreheads. Brandywine has a better grasp on reality than most, and as such, could function more adeptly in the regular world. He worked as an Interpreter for the 'silent seer' Willow, able to read his mind during visions when Willow didn't speak. As Willow descended into madness, Brandywine was forced to sever their link to preserve his own tenuous sanity. Eventually, he became Orfeus' Interpreter; the gentle blind boy was a child for him to protect and a strong seer for him to link to. Brandywine disappeared at the End of the World, and only returned as part of a Demonbred pact. Now reunited with both of his seers, Brandywine is even more the balance, combining the flowing, clear, multi-tiered visions of Orfeus with the violent, always true visions of Willow. He has also returned to his place at the Year King's side, Elpais of the Brandy clan, eternal friend to John Barleycorn. Occupation: Interpreter Shout's little face Name: Shout Sculpt: Volks Yo-SD Tanpopo Wig: Luts HWW-03 Eyes: Hitomiya 17mm Rose Beige Faceup/Modifications: Chin and mouth reshaped, faceup by Armeleia Nationality: Narhwel Age: 5 Personality/History: When Doctor Twist was called to the bedside of a dying woman at the all-female community, the University, he hadn't expected to see the nurse he'd shared a special office Christmas party with. Her wish was for Twist to take under his wing the somber little girl she claimed was his. Shout misses her momma terribly, but it's undeniably exciting to share her life now with the Poppy she never knew. Rarely smiling, but taking in every little thing she can, Shout wants to help out in the infirmary and be Twist's long as he can buckle her shoes for her. She loves plush toys with not quite enough stuffing and putting together her own outfits. And with her father's eccentric dress style, he most certainly won't stop his little girl from her ensembles of tutus, jeans, striped bulky sweaters, and sandals...provided it's not winter, when sandals simply wouldn't be practical. The Asylum jb-redone2.jpg Name:John Barleycorn Sculpt: Volks Emma mod/ SD13 boy body Wig: Luts SW-128 Gradation Orange Eyes: 18mm Zoukeimoura GE-06 Faceup/Modifications: Faceup and mouth mods by Armeleia Nationality: Eroen Age: ? Personality/History: John Barleycorn is the tradition Harvest Lord of Eroen culture. His origins are many, according to legend. Is his eternal cycle of death and rebirth a gift or a curse? Is he beloved of the spirits and bound to his task as punishment? The greatest healer of all, John Barleycorn has re-emerged here at the End of the World as the leader of the Asylum. He is most comfortable among those tortured souls, though his reappearance has renewed the Forest cult of the Green Man. John Barleycorn encourages those rites...especially trying to draw out the spirit in his newest bonded King- Swill, who wields the knife in its season. Occupation:Healer, Catalyst, Leader of the Asylum willowwrap1.jpg Name: Willow Sculpt: Volks School A Wig: Custom-styled mohair Eyes: 16mm Zoukeimoura GE-03 Faceup/Modifications: Faceup by Armeleia Nationality: Eroen Age: 80 Personality/History: Willow was never like the other seers at the Dream House; he was louder, more excitable, quicker to anger...and never wrong. He went through Interpreter year by year, until a grey-haired Demonbred who could read his thoughts became his constant companion. Brandywine anticipated Willow's actions and could calm his wildness. However, it was a vision of Brandywine which led Willow to the choice that drove him crazy and while he didn't lose his visions, they turned terrifying and violent. The Cassandra of his time, Willow railed against the End that was approaching. His increasing violence necessitated Brandywine's leaving to find peace in the mountains, as the Interpreter of a young blind seer. Willow's descent into madness continued. Now at the End of the World, he has found a semblance of family in Orfeus and Brandywine, though his thoughts are ever drawn into the darkness and terror of his dreams. Occupation: Seer The Forest helm-newclothes3 Name: Helm Sculpt: Migidoll Yujin/ Luts SDF body Wig: For My Doll dark brown Eyes: ED 14mm olive green Faceup/Modifications: Forehead reduction and faceup by Armeleia Nationality: Eroen Age: 45 Personality/History: Helm is a good boy. When his father died while he was a teenager, he stalwartly became the man of the house, running the large farm entrusted to him and taking care of his mother and three younger brothers. Strong, ruggedly good looking, a little bit afraid of girls, Helm was happy with his close relationship with the land and the satisfaction of looking around himself at the success resulting from the work of his hands and his good leadership. Then the world ended. With one brother pushed beyond the brink of sanity and the other two clinging to Helm for support, he became a Prince of the local fields and forests, drawing other survivors to their community, founded on hard work, true ethics, and simple delights. However, Helm has always had a little dream of the fantastic, and so it was that when a pretty boy, a real prince, stumbled into his land begging for sanctuary, he sort of fell head over heels for the foreign accent, the golden curls, and those long, soft fingers. Ha. Fingers. How is it that defending his new love took him onto a pirate ship, deep into the heart of an ice world in revolution, and finally left him at the side of his lover with the official name of Helm Ninefingers. Dreams are funny that way, huh? Occupation: Prince/ Farmer cherubs3 Name: Versai, the Swan Prince of Narhwel Sculpt: Volks School C Wig: Varies, mostly Dollga W-082 Eve Cream Eyes: Zoukeimoura 18mm GE-12 Faceup/Modifications: Faceup by Armeleia Nationality: Narhwel Age: 72 Personality/History: When Versai was born to the queen and king of dualist Narhwel, there were parties and fireworks long into the night to celebrate the good omen of the hermaphrodite prince. Raised in the giddy royal court with his valet and best friend, Proof, the Revolution that killed his parents and most of the aristos was a shock to a young man who knew nothing of pain. At the End of the World, Versai fled from Narhwel to Eroya, where he was taken in by the Forest prince, Helm. Against better judgement on both of their parts, the two fell in love. It was a shock to be taken back to Narhwel by General Tien, the revolutionary leader he had been forced to marry. However, Versai learned that he could not just escape Narhwel; he was royalty, and even dethroned royalty must remember its duties. Versai now spends half the year in his frozen homeland and half the year in the Forest. Occupation: Monarch? =sparrow1 Name: Sparrow Sculpt: Volks SD Michele (Nagoya 4) Wig: Volks W129D choco purple Eyes: 16mm mismatched Hitomiya Faceup/Modifications: Faceup by Armeleia Nationality: Eroen (Pavree) Age: 16 Personality/History: Sparrow is a boy who seems determined to get himself killed before reaching his adult years. He's very stubborn and contrary and will do just about anything to be difficult. He has a rather obscure form of magic, that of communicating with animals, that before the end of the world was treated as useless but will come to be important in these new times. Now that he is without his parents, he is cared for by Mac and Knife, though he is loudly insistent that they are not his new parents. When he was found by Knife, he'd been suffering from a venomous snake bite; the poison still lingers in his system, making him sleep often. He still has a limp from the bite. He wakes often from nightmares to sneak into Mac and Knife's bed, though during the day he has no fear. To learn more about his rather ancient and primal magic, he spends much of his time in the Forest. He will wander away from Geran establishments for weeks at a time. Thus far, he has always come home at some point. Occupation: Student of magic Polis [Pending] Name: Reward Sculpt: Pending Wig: Pending Eyes: Pending Faceup/Modifications: Pending Nationality: Narhwel-Eroen Age: 14 Personality/History: Reward is the Senator of Polis, the community that rose out of the ashes of the End of the World to re-establish order and law. While many would balk at the idea of being captained by a ten year old, Ree’s tenure as Senator has been marked by wise decision, level-headed evaluation, and an ability to adapt his way of conceiving of order, moving up and above the older ways he was raised and immersed in by his adopted father, Senator Wise. Now a young-looking fourteen, Ree has done away with his actor mouthpiece and stepped forward as the visible head of Polis. There’s no fear in his eyes when he faces the Assembly of Tribes…but it helps to know that Reb, his father’s gift, will always be waiting on his bed. And that older brother Doctor Twist at the Station is always a shoulder to lean on. Occupation: Senator unalteredthren Name: Threnody Sculpt: Volks Cristal head, SeiRei Yugiri body Wig: Volks Amelia Eyes: Silver 16mm light brown Faceup/Modifications: Faceup by Armeleia Nationality: It's anyone's guess. Age: 120 Personality/History: Threnody is the reason assassins get such a bad name. A fire mage who really knows how to either clean up a kill or make sure it’s found while being all sorts of symbolic, Thren has always been used to being challenged for being the best, and to date, he’s never lost that spot. Maybe he had another persona working as a representative for the Spy Collegiate, maybe he had another persona working underground wearing those itty bitty shorts before gouging someone’s eyes out with the closest office supply, maybe he was the blond with the hots for his liaison, maybe he was just some guy with a number for a name who happened to be able to make a fantastic Caesar salad. At the End of the World, Threnody’s learned that trust is something that, while given sparingly, does sometimes need to be given. While he’s not going to march around announcing who he is, he’s learning a balance as an assassin, a trainer, and maybe someone the little kids like to follow around. And maybe that’s not so bad either. Just because part of you dies, doesn’t mean it’s the real you. Occupation: Assassin jet1 Name: Jet Sculpt: Napidoll Shane/ Souldoll Double body Wig: Leeke LR 041 special blue Eyes: Dollshe 16mm brown urethane Faceup/Modifications: Faceup by Armeleia Nationality: Eroen (Pavree) Age: 145 Personality/History: Once a swinger, always a swinger. Having moved firmly away from the traveling tradition of his Pavree culture, Jet was happy with his managerial office job working on government contracts and hitting up his favorite clubs in the evening, keeping his little black book humming. Apparently, though, he was just a little too good at what he did and the government decided he could help out just a little bit more in the 'offense is the best defense' department. So the laidback businessman was now also an assassin's liaison...which to him reads like 'babysitter with extensive medical and psychological training.' He's pretty sure most other liaisons don't end up with their assigned assassins sharing their apartments, but as long as Threnody isn't cooking or screaming, it's not too bad. At the End of the World, Jet finds his life isn't really so changed. Unless you consider the fact that his boss is now 14 years old, a good club is much harder to find, and there's something very sweet, very vulnerable under Threnody's spiky facade that smiles at him with something like love. Occupation: Diplomat